Healthtech Consultants

Healthtech Consultants

May 20, 2013 09:00 ET

Healthtech Launches Rural and Northern Health Solution across Canada

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 20, 2013) -

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Healthtech Consultants is launching new products and services that transform healthcare, with innovative information management and technology solutions in Rural and Northern Health, Virtual Health, EMR Adoption, and Clinical and Business Transformation. Healthtech Consultants continues its long tradition of investing in the people, ideas, and solutions that contribute to improving health outcomes and the healthcare system in Canada.

The challenges of delivering healthcare services and integrating the latest technologies across low population densities and widely-dispersed points of care are high but not insurmountable. For over 30 years, Healthtech has been at the forefront of advancing the use of information technology to support enhanced patient care in Canada's rural, remote, and northern areas.


Our hard won knowledge and capacity to deliver in rural, remote, and northern areas gives us an unmatched edge in creativity, innovation, and cost efficiency. No other healthcare information technology services firm can match our experience and understanding of the specific challenges faced in these unique environments. Our industry expertise, decades of remote and rural service delivery, and the experience that comes from living and working in these challenging environments with local staff is precisely what allows us to successfully deliver the solutions that bring us back time and again.

Our people understand the challenges and can help clients determine the right strategies and technologies that are operationally suitable and sustainable in their specific circumstances. Our experts can assist clients in finding the right solutions to meet organizational goals and objectives. The tangible benefits of our Rural and Northern Health Solution include:

  • Tailored services;
  • Sustainable solutions;
  • Optimization of current processes;
  • Support across the continuum of care; and
  • Demonstrated results.

Healthtech Consultants is the leading Canadian provider of information management services exclusively to the healthcare sector. Our cutting edge strategies, proven methodologies, and innovative solutions transform health system management and care delivery through the use of technology. Our in-house teams of clinicians, health system managers, and information specialists know healthcare and understand its unique challenges. We know that results matter. We have solutions that are innovative, realistic, sustainable, and tailored to meet your needs. For over 30 years, our real experience has delivered real results by providing patients and clinicians the information they need to drive improved health outcomes.

Healthtech Consultants transforms healthcare with innovative information management and technology solutions.

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