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January 31, 2013 11:39 ET

HealthView Services Unveils HealthWealthLink Software to Help Boomers Plan for Potentially Devastating Healthcare Expenses in Retirement

New iPad Application Makes It Easy for Advisors to Be a Valued HealthWealth Resource

DANVERS, MA--(Marketwire - Jan 31, 2013) - Ten million Baby Boomers are now over age 65 and the majority (60%) feel they're not prepared to pay for healthcare costs after they retire. Even more telling, most (92%) are unaware of how much wealth they'll need to handle these costs in retirement.

To address this increasingly pressing concern, HealthView Services (HVS) has unveiled HealthWealthLink, an innovative, powerful software platform, also available as an iPad application, to help advisors work with clients to determine how much healthcare expense can be expected in retirement and how to pay for it.

"The superheroes in this situation are the advisors. Many Boomers think that Medicare will take care of their healthcare costs, but they couldn't be more wrong and they are just realizing that fact. Boomers are looking to their financial professionals for answers and our platform is designed to give them those answers," said Ron Mastrogiovanni, CEO of HVS.

HealthWealthLink is the first and only software system which calculates precise healthcare cost projections throughout a client's entire retirement lifestage and tailored to the client's health, wealth and income situation. Its foundation is backed by doctors and insurance actuaries for use in developing financial plans and includes all legislative decisions affecting healthcare and Medicare costs at both federal and state levels.

"An advisor inputs a client's individual responses to a few questions such as age, gender, health status, income range and state of residence. Out comes a personalized report with longevity projections as well Medicare Part A, D, Medigap costs and long-term care expense projections," he explained.

Just as important as knowing the expense gap is finding the right solution to fund that gap. HealthWealthLink makes that easy for the advisor and client. The system offers:

  • Healthcare calculator and Medicare calculator for precise projections.
  • Social Security and Pension Income calculators as a potential source of healthcare cost funding.
  • Customized Dashboard of Investment and Insurance Funding solutions such as mutual funds, annuities, life insurance, and long-term care insurance, to name a few.
  • Interactive Illustration System that allows the advisor to run "what if" scenarios to show clients how an initial investment in a financial product may reduce the healthcare cost burden.
  • Personalized Client Reports that are presented in easy-to-understand language and helps the client make educated, stress-free decisions.

"For advisors, this tool positions them as valued, trusted resources around one of the most misunderstood, complicated aspects of retirement planning. Just one decision from a client on the appropriate financial product to solve the problem, more than pays for the annual software license. Plus, the system works in conjunction with any financial planning software an advisor is currently using," he concluded.

The entire package includes HealthWealthLink branded customized software, iPad application, online training sessions, client marketing and education materials including lead generation communications, a guide to healthcare issues, one-click calculator to drive inquiries, client seminar and content for client newsletter. For more information contact: Ron Mastrogiovanni,, 617-875-9313.

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Founded in 2008 by a team of seasoned financial and healthcare industry executives, HealthView Services created the HealthWealthLink platform to take the fear out of escalating healthcare costs in retirement with a planning tool and solutions to create a more secure future for retirees. At its core, HealthWealthLink is a combination of financial planning and health-risk assessment software that provides financial institutions, independent advisors and health firms with a unique tool to better serve their clients planning for retirement and those already in retirement.

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