Ontario Professional Planners Institute

Ontario Professional Planners Institute

June 24, 2011 12:00 ET

Healthy Communities and Planning for Food

Planning for Food Systems in Ontario

A Call to Action from the Ontario Professional Planners Institute

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 24, 2011) -

Attention Food and Health Editors

The growing demand for local food is testament to the desire of many to become more connected to their sources of food. Food systems have long been linked to planning and are a key consideration for complete and healthy communities. Involving community planners in planning for food systems can result in healthier outcomes for Ontarians. Planners are in a unique position to identify problems and challenges within the food system and to lead and foster the development of solutions.

The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) has prepared this Call to Action to raise awareness and to highlight key issues so that Ontario's planners and communities can address the challenges associated with planning for food systems. In October 2010, OPPI held a symposium in Guelph, Ontario, entitled "Healthy Communities and Planning for Food – a Harvest of Ideas." This event brought together a record number of urban and rural planners to discuss issues associated with creating and fostering healthy food systems. This Call to Action is based on the learnings from the symposium and an associated survey of OPPI's membership.

"OPPI calls upon planners, citizens and all stakeholders to make healthy community planning, and in particular, planning for healthy food systems, a priority. Our members are committed to creating and fostering healthy communities throughout Ontario."

Sue Cumming, MCIP, RPP

President, OPPI

The Ontario Professional Planners Institute is the recognized voice of the Province's planning profession. Our more than 3,000 members work in government, private practice, universities, and non-profit agencies in the fields of urban and rural development, urban design, environmental planning, transportation, health and social services, heritage conservation, housing, and economic development.

Planners recognize how planning impacts quality of life and how these decisions shape communities and their residents in many ways, including affecting obesity, heart disease, mental health, social connections, air quality, nutrition and access to food. Planners also recognize the social, economic and environmental dimensions of food systems.

For copies of the Call to Action or further information on OPPI's Healthy Communities initiative, please go to: http://www.ontarioplanners.on.ca/content/Publications/innovativepolicypapers.aspx

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