SOURCE: Healthy Vitamins

January 19, 2016 03:10 ET

Healthy Vitamins Is Proud to Announce Jordan Rubin's Get Real Nutrition Products

Healthy Vitamins Has Get Real Nutrition Products, the First Fully Fermented, Organic, NonGmo, Artisanal Nutritional Supplements From Popular Author Jordan Rubin, in Stock and Ready to Ship

VERO BEACH, FL--(Marketwired - January 19, 2016) - Gail Bowman, owner of Healthy Vitamins, an online health food store, stated today, "We could not be more excited about Jordan Rubin's newest product line. Jordan has always led the charge into new supplement innovations, and these products are no exception!"

According to Get Real Nutrition in a recent publication, "In today's marketplace, it is hard to know what ingredients are REALLY organic, non GMO, vegan or gluten free. Get Real Nutrition understands this, and as a family-owned company, is fully committed to quality, transparency and authenticity. This can easily be seen in our 10 promises, third party certifications and our good manufacturing practices. Real standards for real peace of mind."

Get Real Nutrition's 10 Promises are that every formula and every ingredient will be:

1. Real Food
2. USDA Certified Organic
3. GMO Free
4. Gluten Free
5. Vegan
6. Sprouted
7. Fermented
8. Allergen 8 Free
9. Hand-Cultivated
10. Packaged in Eco-Regenerative Packaging

In a recent newsletter, Jordan Rubin said, "Innovation is a great example of a "buzz word"; it is often used but not always truly understood or appreciated. As someone that dealt with a major health crisis at 19 years old, I never had the luxury of sitting back and waiting for someone else to come up with the answer. Over the last few years I've been developing new technologies, rooted in thousands of years of cultural wisdom and the ancient practices of Sprouting and Fermentation. Experience the real power of living foods!"

Get Real Nutrition has created 4 categories of supplements:

1. Fermented SuperJuices
2. Real Probiotics
3. Real Omegas
4. Multi Metabolites

And within each category, they have added herbs to help the consumer reach one of 4 health goals:

1. Immune Building
2. Cleansing
3. Fitness
4. Brain Health

You can contact Gail Bowman, the owner of Healthy Vitamins, an online whole food supplement store, to get help finding the Get Real Nutrition products that are best for you. Customers can reach her at 888-244-8948 or 772-228-9995 Monday through Friday.

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