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May 02, 2007 09:17 ET Brings Nutrition to Schools

Alternative to Candy and Junk Food Fundraising Is Here

GREEN BAY, WI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2007 --For years Coaches, Teachers and Parents alike have lamented the lack of Healthy Choices for school fundraisers. There has been only chocolate, candy, cookie dough, frozen pizzas.... and more chocolate. If you're a parent with children in school, this is no surprise. Even with childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes out of control, Coaches and Teachers felt they had no alternative with which to raise much needed funds.

But all that has now changed., a company which helps schools, churches, sports clubs and civic groups raise money nationwide, has come along to offer the SuperCases, which are "Healthy Traveling Convenience Stores." With 66 items to a case (11 different snacks, 6 of each) the "Cal Pak" SuperCase contains snacks ranging from Chex Mix and Pretzels to Oatmeal To Go and Granola Bars. Each snack is less than 30% fat, less than 35% sugar, less than 10% saturated fat, and less than 250 calories. meets the conditions of California Senate Bill 12 (the school junk food ban) which goes into effect July 1, 2007. Additionally has SuperCases such as the "Nev Pak," "Conn Pak" and others meeting conditions for virtually all states which have laws in place. For those states which don't have bans on FMNV (foods of minimal nutiritional value), offers something that's healthy, loved by students for its taste and variety, and makes teachers and parents proud.

"The days of school groups having no choice but to sell Candy and other junk food are over," says co-founder Brad Dodge. "They said you couldn't market healthy snacks to students, but we're having success doing just that."

Product fundraising is a $2 Billion a year business in the United States; a good portion of that money has previously come from marketing unhealthy products to American Children. The result of that is reflected in the rates at which children in America are overweight, obese and beset by other health problems. Obesity is the problem; healthy fundraising is part of the solution.

Schools, churches, sports clubs and other groups can find out more by emailing, visiting or calling 1-888-SNACK-12.

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