Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems

Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems

November 30, 2015 20:25 ET

Heat-Line Offers New and Improved DEF Fluid Hose Protection

Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems, a Major Manufacturer of Certified Heating Cable Systems for a Variety of Freeze-Protection Applications, Announces That They Now Offer Job-Ready, Low-Voltage Cable-Sets That Winterize Def Hoses and Tubes Without Their Removal

CARNARVON, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 30, 2015) - Lorne Heise, founder and President of Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems (www.heatline.com), is pleased to announce that his company is now manufacturing a range of Kompensator low voltage 12 and 24-volt heating cable sets that come job-ready to winterize existing unprotected DEF hoses and tubes without their removal. Heat-Line, a division of Christopher MacLean Ltd., is a major manufacturer of certified heating cable systems for multiple freeze-protection applications.

Before the introduction of Heat-Line's new range of Kompensator heating cable systems, the OEM heating cable industry had only partially answered the DEF freezing problem with complete heated hose assemblies. OEM heated hose products are often very expensive, and sizing and installation can be challenging.

Heat-Line's Kompensator self-regulating 12 and 24-volt heating cables can be ordered to length and provide a flexible, cost competitive alternative to purchasing a complete OEM hose assembly. The systems can simply be applied to existing unprotected hoses, insulated with EPDM foam sleeves and wired to the battery/alternator system. Optional control options to further regulate the heating cable operation are endless and available directly from Heat-Line.

Kompensator systems are complete products that are provided with factory-finished power leads and proprietary end-seal technologies making them a versatile option for many on-board vehicle freeze protection solutions.

Heat-Line pioneered low voltage self-regulating heating cables sets almost a decade ago and continues with cost-saving solutions and innovative new products to meet market demands.

Not only are they an alternative to full DEF hose replacement, but they are also used to protect valves and fittings on tankers, fire engines and other types of vehicles requiring special freeze protection needs.

About Heat-Line: Located in Haliburton, Ontario, Heat-Line Freeze Protect Systems specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced water pipe freeze protection systems using advanced self-regulating technology. Heat-Line offers an extensive line of safe, innovative and energy efficient freeze protection products for home, cottage, commercial and industrial applications. Eliminate water line freeze up and pipe freezing economically and effectively, even in the coldest climates, with cable heat trace systems from Heat-Line. To learn more about Heat-Line water pipe freeze protection systems, and other quality Heat-Line products including Retro-Line, Kompensator, Paladin, CARAPACE, and ArcticVent, visit www.heatline.com or call 1-800-584-4944.

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    a division of Christopher MacLean Ltd.
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