Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems

Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems

June 30, 2015 19:15 ET

Heat-Line Warns of Water Pipe Dangers in North-Central United States

Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems, a major manufacturer of certified and potable heating cable systems for a variety of freeze-protection applications, warns of a dangerous electrical safety issue with water pipes in North-Central United States

CARNARVON, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 30, 2015) - Heat-Line a division of Christopher MacLean Ltd. (www.heatline.com), a major manufacturer of certified and potable heating cable systems for a variety of freeze-protection applications, has extended its market into the North-Central United States. During Heat-Line's initial market research, it has uncovered some serious and frightening concerns with respect to the current implementation of traditional external heat tape or cable products. Heating tapes or cables are often installed to protect water pipes in cold climates where they are subject to freezing and frequently where excavation below the frost line is impractical or impossible.

"Contractors, agents and distributors are informing Heat-Line that heating tape or cable systems are being installed in applications beyond their certification. There is a growing practice of installing heating tapes or cables designed for external applications inside pressurized potable (drinking water) pipes in rural homes," warns Lorne Heise CEO of Heat-Line. "Unfortunately to the unknowing homeowner, these heating tape or cable systems are not certified for this application and even worse, present long-term health risks to those consuming the water. Even more concerning is that the systems are not only being employed in potable water lines, but also dangerously installed in sewage and wastewater systems as well. This is in direct contradiction to National Electrical and Building codes which are in place to protect homeowners and the public in general from safety and health concerns," explains Heise.

While not all trades and contractors are practicing the hazardous and liable application of installing external heat tapes or cables inside potable water pipes, there remains a select group endangering the entire market. The process of converting and adapting external heat tapes or cables through a series of non-certified fittings to be inserted inside potable water pipes is a deceitful practice, and places an enormous amount of liability on the tradesperson or contractor completing the procedure.

The dangers of this application may not be known to many, but are serious and far-reaching as noted below:

  1. Heating tapes or cables that are not certified/ approved for internally heat tracing water supply pipes are treated with flame retardants, of which, all are known toxins creating serious health concerns for individuals consuming the water for regular use such as bathing, cooking, and drinking.
  2. Commonly the fittings used to introduce the non-certified heating tapes or cables into the pipes are not designed or certified for this use which can result in damage to the dwelling such as flooding if the fitting corrodes or fails.
  3. The heating tapes or cables are installed in pressurized drinking water systems, and the electrical components are not designed to seal against the pressure demands of the system. This results in ingress of moisture within the cable leading to an extreme fire hazard as this moisture moves toward the power supply and connection.
  4. Many non-certified or misused products are not ground fault protected which increases the probably of a catastrophic failure or fire damage exponentially.
  5. The installer is likely not aware or underestimates the dangers and extensive liability concerns related to this practice.
  6. The employment of any uncertified/unapproved systems may void any insurance coverage.
  7. If these heating tapes or cables are installed in sewers, they can chemically break down leading to serious electrical failure and or fire.
  8. Sewers or waste water systems can contain explosive gases and as such require a heating cable system approved specifically for hazardous locations.
  9. The use of heating tapes or cables in applications beyond its certification and approval will not pass a home inspection for re-sale.
  10. Electrical authorities are not aware of non-certified installations because most of this work is performed post inspection.

ALL CERTIFIED HEATING CABLE SYSTEMS ARE MARKED WITH THEIR APPROPRIATE APPROVAL - the companies behind these certified products are proud of their certification and worked hard to endorse correct product applications. If you are unsure whether the system is certified for the intended use, contact the manufacturer of the product directly as they along with the installing tradesperson or contracting share accountability for the correct installation of the system.

Anyone who believes they may have purchased and have an unapproved heat tape or cable installed within their water pipe should, without delay:

  1. Look at the electrical cording or power connection on the system where it enters their pipe for a respected certification label such as UL, cULus, cCSAus, ETL, etc.
  2. Contact the heating tape or cable manufacturer for further product certification information and application guidance.
  3. Contact their local power inspection authority.
  4. Turn the power off to the system and seek the guidance of an approved and licensed tradesperson to remove the system.

There are certified and approved heating cable manufacturers who offer specialized systems for use inside potable water supply and sewage systems of which Heat-Line is one. Always be sure to ask your installer and or supplier prior to purchase if the product is approved for the intended application.

About Heat-Line: Located in Haliburton, Ontario, Heat-Line Freeze Protect Systems specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced water pipe freeze protection systems using advanced self-regulating technology. Heat-Line offers an extensive line of safe, innovative and energy efficient freeze protection products for home, cottage, commercial and industrial applications. Eliminate water line freeze up and pipe freezing economically and effectively, even in the coldest climates, with cable heat trace systems from Heat-Line. To learn more about Heat-Line water pipe freeze protection systems and other quality Heat-Line products, including Retro-Line, Kompensator, Paladin, CARAPACE, and ArcticVent, visit www.heatline.com or call 1-800-584-4944.

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