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October 01, 2010 10:16 ET

HeatGenie, Self-Heating Packaging Innovators, Awarded US Army Contract

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - October 1, 2010) -  The standard ration, known by its initials: MRE™ -- Meal, Ready-to-Eat™ -- has been under continual improvement since it was launched in 1981. However, the heating mechanism for the MRE has not changed significantly since 1993.

Austin-based packaging innovators, HeatGenie, have developed technology that could change that.

The US Army jumped to evaluate HeatGenie's innovative self-heating packaging technology by awarding HeatGenie a contract for evaluation units. HeatGenie engaged with California-based Silgan Containers, a division of Silgan Holdings and the largest manufacture of metal food containers in North America, to provide cans integrated with the HeatGenie heaters. "We are pleased to be working with HeatGenie and providing metal food containers for evaluation by the US Army," said Rick Brewer, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Silgan Containers.

"The current heaters used in MREs involve multiple steps and take ten minutes to heat the food," said Gary Forni, chief executive officer of HeatGenie. "Our heater reduces heating time by a factor of three, it lowers costs for the Army and it's simpler for the troops to operate. It's good for the soldier and it's good for the Army."

The waterless, low-profile heating device nestles into an indentation on the bottom of the can package and does not penetrate the can wall. The heater is activated with the push of a button and heats a 10.5 oz portion of soup to 145° Fahrenheit in two minutes.

About HeatGenie
HeatGenie™ has pioneered a safe, patent-pending, self-heating technology that can easily integrate into multiple forms of consumer packaging to heat food and beverages "on the go." HeatGenie is the first and only company to satisfy the non-negotiable criteria for a commercially viable technology: safety, ease of use, cost effectiveness, light weight and sustainability. For more information visit:

About Silgan Containers
Silgan Containers, a subsidiary of Silgan Holdings, is the largest manufacturer of metal food containers in North America, with approximately half of the U.S. unit volume in 2009 and net sales of $1.9 billion. Silgan's partnership approach, supported by quality, service, technology, low-cost producer position, strategically-located geographic locations and extensive consumer research, is the cornerstone of its strong customer relationships. 

Silgan Containers manufactures and sells steel and aluminum containers and ends that are used primarily by processors and packagers for food products. For more info visit:

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