SOURCE: Heavenly Treasures

August 22, 2007 19:49 ET

Heavenly Treasures Launches New Promise Ring Collection for Growing Jewelry Trend

Heavenly Treasures ( Has Launched a New Promise Ring Collection, Taking Advantage of the Growing Promise Ring Trends in the Jewelry Industry

ALLENHURST, NJ--(Marketwire - August 22, 2007) - Heavenly Treasures Jewelry has expanded into the promise ring market with the launch of their latest promise ring jewelry collection. The cataloger and online retailer of fine jewelry has announced the launch of the new promise ring collection as an extension of their engagement ring selection, as well as a stand-alone product line.

Promise rings are most often given as a symbol of enduring romantic love at a time when a couple isn't yet ready to consider marriage, but have also historically been used to signify other promises, such as between close platonic friends or as a vow of chastity before marriage. The growing trend in promise rings is their use as a "stand-in" ring for marriage proposals, where the bride-to-be then chooses her own "official" engagement ring with her future husband, instead of using the actual engagement ring during the proposal.

"With engagement rings often being a very costly investment in a couple's future, more and more couples are choosing to buy their engagement rings together," says Helen Beyda, Product Manager of Heavenly Treasures. "Promise rings allow a man to still make the romantic gesture of a proposal before committing to an engagement ring that his future wife would wear for the rest of her life. We've assembled a collection of promise rings for Heavenly Treasures that fit these, and all, needs and trends by offering affordable options for diamond promise rings, other gemstone rings, and even promise pendants."

About Heavenly Treasures Jewelry

Heavenly Treasures Jewelry is a New Jersey-based online retailer and cataloger of fine jewelry. The company was founded in 1993, and is a world-recognized brand for fine jewelry in the US and Canada. Aside from distributing tens of millions of fine jewelry catalogs since the company's inception, the Heavenly Treasures online store has become one of the most popular jewelry shopping resources on the Web. The combination of traditional and modern fine jewelry designs means Heavenly Treasures is able to offer something for everyone, from seasonally themed jewelry to an impressive engagement ring collection.

For more information about Heavenly Treasures' new promise ring collection, please visit, or contact Helen Beyda at 732-531-8040.