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June 21, 2016 10:00 ET

Helena Bonham-Carter on Escaping Herself Through Costumes and Her Personal Fashion Choices; Interview With Kjersti Flaa for Alice Through the Looking Glass

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - June 21, 2016) - The British actress, and ex-wife of director Tim Burton, is known for her eccentric looks both on screen and in her personal life.

"We have the same problem," she laughs when confronted by Kjersti Flaa about the fact that Johnny Depp also prefers to hide behind costumes in his movies. The two have acted in seven movies together.

"I want to dress up. I don't want to look like me. I want to feel I have escaped me. Like this one (Alice Through the Looking Glass) is easier to watch because I really don't look like me. I wish I had special effects in every movie," the Brit says.

- Do you feel it's therapeutic to get into these types of characters?

"Oh yes, it's completely therapeutics," she says. "I am not naturally very angry. But is quite tiring to be continuously angry, so it took a lot of sugar and caffeine. It's amazing that you don't have to pay for the therapy, but you get paid."

- Is it a little exhausting though?

"It is exhausting, but it's not a good sob story because I get paid s**t loads. It is also more tiring than you think, because when you get angry, you lose it."

On where she finds her inspiration for her own personal style, Bonham-Carter says:

"Well, I imagine things, but then when I am presented with the reality, like when I see a photo… Ha, ha. I tend to avoid photos, but Tim (Burton) still shows me photos and it's absolutely catastrophic," she laughs. "It's so different from what I thought I looked like in the mirror."

But the actress still loves experimenting with her wardrobe.

"In daily life, you can use them as costumes, I think. They are a bit magical, and they can have the ability to transform you. Not necessarily just totally from the outside, but it can solicit something else from the inside."

Bonham-Carter, who has played in over six of her ex-husband´s movies, says she has kept some of the costumes that she wore over the years.

"I should have kept more, because sometimes you do get attached. But you know what I tend to keep?" she laughs. "My character's underwear. So I have the bloomers and the camisoles. You want to keep something, but it has more to do with letting go of the character."

- Is it hard to let go?

"Sometimes, it depends. It depends on your experience with the shoot. Sometimes I can't wait to let go. Sometimes they hang around for years. The other day Elizabeth Taylor popped up. And I was like, what am I sounding like?"

- That's crazy…

"I am crazy. I am paid to be," she laughs.

Alice Through The Looking Glass is showing in theatres.

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