The New Economy

The New Economy

May 15, 2017 04:30 ET

Hello Kitty, Samsung scandal and more in the latest issue of The New Economy

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - May 15, 2017) - In 2017, the world is a harsher, more competitive place than ever with the rise of protectionist movements and tough-talking Donald Trump. But if there's one phenomenon that has kept its edge, despite being a bit soft, it's Hello Kitty.

Over the past half-century, the franchise has become one of the most successful marketing models, and now has a presence in over 70 countries, with more than 50,000 products worldwide. What separates Hello Kitty from other brands is its unique ability to engage customers of different cultures, genders and ages. In The New Economy, we examine what it is that keeps people coming back for more, as well as the history of the franchise.

And that's not all in the Spring and Summer issue of The New Economy, which explores some of the hottest technological innovations across the globe, from cardiovascular treatments to Elon Musk's outer space projects to geoengineering.

In one special report, journalist Emily Cashen looks at Samsung's corruption allegations and their effect on the biggest smartphone manufacturer over the past year. Despite these difficulties, the organisation has still experienced strong growth in regards to its handset sales, as well as receiving positive reviews from customers. Many are positive that Samsung can fight back.

Also in this issue, Callum Glennen looks at the repair industry and how it has been plagued by manufacturers - many of which which use proprietary components and software to lock customers out of their own products. There is now a growing movement to put an end to such exploitative practices. The question is, can the manufacturers be stopped?

To find out, pick up the latest issue of The New Economy, available online and in print now.

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