SOURCE: Bomgar Corporation

September 06, 2007 03:00 ET

Help Desk Software Helps Capture SMB Market

Bomgar's IT Help Desk Software Could Help Grow Your Business, and Your Clients'

RIDGELAND, MS--(Marketwire - September 6, 2007) - A recent study conducted by Small Business Technology Institute (SBTI) found that small businesses rarely allocate funds to IT and tech support. As small and medium businesses represent a huge market for solution providers, those wishing to capture the small business market should consider adding tech support to their services. According to TechBuilder, Bomgar™'s IT help desk software makes tech support as a value added service fast, easy and viable.

The SBTI study found that 80 percent of businesses with 100 or fewer employees do not allocate funds for IT. Nearly 60 percent have no technical support whatsoever, and about another 30 percent have support done by someone else in the company who knows something about the subject but whose job description is not primarily IT.

As with large enterprises, fast and easy access to technical support is pivotal for small business. Solutions providers offering support provide an invaluable service while enabling growth. It also provides an opportunity for solutions providers to grow their own business through the small business market.

TechBuilder reviewed Bomgar's help desk software in 3 Easy Steps to Providing Remote Tech Support and found its ease of installation, customizable interface and settings, simplicity and ease of use for support reps, and reporting capabilities uniquely qualified to fit the help desk bill.

"Solution providers looking to start a tech support business should look no further than the Bomgar Box. This is a one-stop tech support powerhouse that outperforms all of its Software-as-a-Service competitors. The Bomgar Box can provide on-site service to remote PCs without requiring a solution provider to travel to a remote site, install VPNs or even bypass firewall settings on a corporate site."

Bomgar's help desk software offers on-demand connectivity to any computer via any Internet connection and through any firewall in about 10 seconds without the need for pre-installation or configuration on the remote computer. For more information on providing technical support to your clients with Bomgar's IT help desk software, contact Bomgar or visit the company website.

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