June 11, 2007 10:47 ET

Help, I Have a Broken USB Flash Drive or Damaged Digital Camera Card, No Connection or Lights, It's Dead!

Whatever the Damage or Device; See for USB Data Recovery, Digital Image Recovery & USB Repair, Get Your Data Back!

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - June 11, 2007) - All of a sudden your data is lost. You have a damaged or broken USB thumb drive or digital camera flash card & your data files or digital images are gone. eProvided to the rescue; whether lost, destroyed or damaged; there is now an advanced data recovery solution. eProvided data recovery service goes past the do it yourself online data recovery software recovery tools. eProvided fixes and repairs damaged circuits or controllers on the devices themselves to get your data back.

People worldwide use USB flash memory devices, thumb drives, digital cameras, flash memory sticks, (NAND flash) USB drives, cell phones, iPods, voice recorders, music players, etc. When something cracks, breaks, drops, is stepped on or bent, there is hope. USB device not recognized issues are common today, if the message appears on Windows XP or Windows Vista help is here; allow eProvided to recover your lost data.

If you use digital camera flash memory, USB sticks or any flash memory storage media and have images & data you can't get back, eProvided will help. Most people think they've lost their digital photos or personal data permanently. Greater than 90% of the digital image recovery & USB data recovery cases eProvided handles are successful recoveries.

eProvided, one of the fastest growing USB recovery & digital photo recovery companies globally. The company's president, Mr. Cullen, and his personnel have a wealth of expertise in USB repair & digital photo recovery, assisting flash memory users worldwide.

eProvided recovers data by replacing NAND flash memory chips, controllers and microcircuits, wafers or capacitors, crystals, or damaged device on the internal board of the devices. With this type of advanced data recovery you can't get any more sophisticated, if eProvided can't recover data on your device then no one will.

The process recovers lost images and lost data from all corrupt, deleted, or damaged flash media storage devices. A majority of successful data recovery issues begin when plugged in USB flash drives are bumped causing the port to break off.

eProvided Recovers: All USB Thumb Drives | All USB Flash Drives | All Digital Camera Cards | CompactFlash | Sony Memory Stick | Memory Stick Duo | SDHC | MMC-SD | MicroSD | MMC - RS MMC | SD | Hard Drives | Digital Voice Recorder | Memory Stick Micro | USB Hard Drives | CD-RW | CD-R | DVD-RW | DVD-R | iPod | XD | MiniSD | Transflash | all others...

All digital media storage devices are recoverable; data is delivered on CD-Rom, DVD or hard drives and is immediately available via instant download online anywhere on earth with an Internet connection in 12-24 hours or less if requested.

Organizations are welcome to partner with eProvided and receive special discounts for services performed for their customers. Camera stores, data recovery software companies, data recovery companies, Costcos, Wal-Marts, flash device manufacturers, etc. Contact eProvided for details.

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