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October 19, 2010 02:01 ET

Help Increase Home Security With an Electronic Curtain Rail from Poles Direct

WAKEFIELD, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 19, 2010) - In the third quarter of 2009, for the second successive period, domestic burglaries in the UK rose by four per cent to 75,600, which equates to one break-in every two minutes. As the coalition Government faces another year of rising domestic burglaries, the public has been urged to tackle the issue head-on by better protecting their homes. Although some of the aforementioned aspects of home security are no doubt useful, Poles Direct believes that homeowners can help to reduce burglaries by installing electronic curtain rails.

When thoughts turn to home security, curtain rails are not usually afforded much attention; instead, homeowners tend to entertain the possibility of purchasing burglar alarms, motion sensors, CCTV cameras, security lights, chain locks and one or two Dobermans for good measure. Any home – even the most seemingly secure – can be a potential target for criminals, so it is important that homeowners address all aspects of domestic security, including, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, their choice of curtain rail.

To most people, the curtain rail is a necessary yet uninspiring fixture; however, aside from ensuring that curtains hang correctly, the curtain rail does contribute towards the interior décor of a home. At Poles Direct, which is one of the leading online retailers of curtain poles, rails and accessories in the UK, the humble curtain rail is framed in an additional context: that of home security.

A spokesperson for Poles Direct said: "Britain remains a high-crime society compared to other developed nations and burglaries have been on the rise since before the recession. Electronic curtain rails can go some way towards reducing the risk of burglary because they can give the impression that a house is not unoccupied when, in fact, it might be".

Electronic curtain rails can be set to open or close without direct human intervention – at least, that is, once they have been programmed to open or close at a certain time of the day. Standard curtain rails can help burglars determine whether a person is home or not because curtains are either left closed throughout the day or opened in the morning and not closed again until the occupant has returned home. Burglars watch out for these signs of inactivity. The range of electronic curtain rails available at Poles Direct includes models that can be operated via a remote control and those that operate more 'intelligently' – sensor operated electronic curtain rails that open or close according to the light entering through the window.

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