Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC)

Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC)

May 13, 2005 09:00 ET

Help Save Canadian's Lives This Summer

Attention: Assignment Editor, Media Editor, Sports Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - May 13, 2005) - Safe Boating Awareness Week will take place across Canada from May 21st to May 27th, 2005. The purpose of this initiative is to promote a wide range of safe boating practices to the estimated 7 million recreational boaters in Canada.

The media's involvement and support is essential to getting the "Safe Boating" message out to the recreational boating public. To assist you with preparing your editorials, news coverage and special programming, the Canadian Safe Boating Council Web site contains valuable information and content for print, radio and television media.

This initiative is promoted by the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC), a non-profit organization and its members and partners from all areas of the marine community including manufacturers, boating education organizations, water safety and marine law enforcement sectors. The goal is to ensure that the millions of Canadians who head out on the waters in canoes and kayaks, sailboards and sailboats, fishing boats, personal watercraft, power boats and cruisers are equipped with the knowledge for a safe day on the water.

As a member of the radio broadcast media, your station can play a pivotal role in getting the Safe Boating message out to your listeners. The CSBC has prepared 2 - 30-second PSAs that address some of the key areas of safe boating practices, Personal Floatation Device (PFD) wear and alcohol and boating for all boaters to be aired over the summer from the kick-off of Safe Boating Awareness Week and on.

To help with the creation of good quality local and National television news segments and boating safety programming, the CSBC has compiled a broadcast quality master B-Roll of safe boating visuals. The footage has been accumulated from the extensive library of Dual Media Productions, producers of PowerBoat Television, MyBoat TV and a variety of other boating and boating safety related television shows. The prepared editorials are downloadable from the Print Media page and could be useful in developing your coverage.

Contained in the B-Roll tape is footage on a variety of safe and unsafe boating practices to be used for news features or in conjunction with studio interviews with a local safe boating expert. The footage has been catalogued complete with a cue sheet to provide easy access to specific footage.

In addition, the CSBC is making available 2 30-second PSAs, and a series of 26 - 1:50 minute vignettes on boating safety to be aired over the summer from the kick-off of Safe Boating Awareness Week.

Available on the web site are downloadable documents containing information about boating safety in Canada, drowning statistics, ideas on program creation and important contact information for local boating safety professionals. The contact information is for local members of the CSBC and its partners who will be available for interviews and as content advisors for the boating safety program.

The CSBC encourages you to utilize these materials and:

* Include segments on Safe Boating and Safe Boating Awareness Week in your newscasts
* Develop a Safe Boating feature for your local talk or general interest shows
* Conduct pre-recorded or live interviews with our local safe boating experts for local interest
* Air the 2 30-second PSA ads over the summer, commencing during Safe Boating Awareness Week.
* Air the series of 26 safety vignettes where time allows in your broadcast schedule

The print media can play pivotal role in getting the Safe Boating message out to Canada's 7 million recreational boaters and your readers. To assist you in developing editorial content, the CSBC has prepared a series of informative articles for publication covering several of the key areas of safe boating practices, with a focus on education and training for all boaters. Photos and logos are also available to enhance your coverage.

PSA ads are available in colour and black and white.

In addition, content suitable for preparing special Safe Boating Awareness Week supplements is also available, providing your newspaper with a revenue source.

The CSBC encourages you to utilize these materials and:
* Run the articles and PSA ads in a series commencing May 21 and run these over the week and throughout the summer
* Publish a supplement with the support of your community's marine businesses and retailers

The CSBC has prepared a media package for use by daily and community newspapers. The package includes:

* Prepared articles / editorials (6 long and short versions)
* Supplement suggestions and prepared articles
* PSA Ads - Colour and B&W (2)
* Photos and logos
* Statistics and backgrounder on boating and accidental and drowning statistics
* Listing of Safe Boating Experts for local interviews and stories

Please help get the Safe Boating Awareness Week message out through print, television and radio to the Canadian public this year. You could very well help save the life of someone you hold dear to your heart.

All information, documents and graphics are available in electronic format for downloading from the Canadian Safe Boating Council's Web site IN: SOCIAL, SPORTS

Contact Information

  • Mike Gridley, Marketing Manager – Safety, Dual Media Productions
    Primary Phone: 905-989-0948 ext. 235