December 28, 2006 14:16 ET

Help Us Bring Hope to Animals Asks The Humane Society of Canada

Attention: Assignment Editor, News Editor VANVOUVER, BC--(CCNMatthews - Dec. 28, 2006) - The Humane Society of Canada is asking television stations for help with the charity's mission to protect animals and the earth by airing a series of thought provoking PSAs which can be found here.

"The prevention of cruelty is the most lasting solution for the problems facing people, animals and the earth. Cruelty to animals encourages violence against people and what we do to the environment we do to animals and ourselves," according to Western Regional Director Al Hickey.

"While crisis intervention is both dramatic and necessary, we need to work to try and build and sustain a truly 'humane society' that teaches and embraces kindness towards animals and respect towards nature," says Hickey.

"Preventing cruelty is better for animals and preventing harm to the environment creates a better world for all of us. We need new ways to solve old problems and these solutions reach a much wider audience, and are more cost-effective, proactive and have greater lasting benefits for people and animals than simply reacting to cruelty to animals," emphasizes HSC Chairman & CEO Michael O'Sullivan.

Canadians are a nation of animal lovers, sharing their homes with over 15 million dogs, cats, birds, fish and small animals. There are over 100,000 horse owners, and one out of every 6 households in Canada has a pet of some kind. One-third of Canadians feed and watch birds, and over 95% of Canadians support the protection of wildlife and the environment.

For more than 35 years, the animal charity's staff has worked here in Canada and in over 95 countries with programs to help people, animals and nature.

Last year, 266,498 people visited their website to learn more about their programs to protect animals and the environment.

"In challenging a world whose attitudes and conditions often defy human hope, with your help we are making a difference," says O'Sullivan.

The animal charity also relies entirely on donations to support their work: "We have a number of very worthwhile programs that are always in need of support, and we hope people will consider making a donation before the end of the tax year which is midnight on December 31st," says O'Sullivan. For more information on just some of our programs please click here.

"We promise to use every one of your hard earned dollars carefully and wisely. And when it comes to fighting animal abuse, we don't give up. Ever," promises O'Sullivan.

CONTACT: Al Hickey or Michael O'Sullivan by toll free 1-800-641-KIND or Michael on his cell phone (416) 876-9685 or at

[For more than 17 years, Al Hickey was the Chief Executive of the BC SPCA and before that headed up the Alberta and BC Chambers of Commerce, and the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vancouver. He has 6 grandchildren.

A father with two children, and a houseful of dogs and cats, O'Sullivan has worked across Canada and in over 95 countries during the last 35 years helping people, animals and nature.]

The Humane Society works to protect dogs, cats, horses, birds, livestock, lab animals, wildlife and the environment. They carry out hands on programs to help animals and nature, mount rescue operations, expose cruelty through hard hitting undercover investigations, work to pass laws to protect animals, fund non-invasive scientific research, support animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centres and spread the word about how to help animals and nature through humane education.

The Humane Society of Canada depends entirely on donations to support our programs to help animals and the environment. All donations are gratefully acknowledged with a receipt for income tax purposes. If you would like to support our educational campaigns that protect animals and the environment please make a donation here.
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  • Michael O'Sullivan, Executive Director, The Humane Society of Canada
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