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July 14, 2008 10:00 ET

Helping Kids Develop With Visual Arts: Curriculum and Instruction From Young Rembrandts

ELGIN, IL--(Marketwire - July 14, 2008) - For help encouraging holistic development through the arts, educators and parents can turn to Young Rembrandts, a provider of drawing and kid's art lessons nationwide with centers across the country enriching young minds and empowering kids to develop esteem-building skills.

A closer look at school systems in the United States shows that a rigid focus on math and reading is not the end-all and be-all of getting strong educational results for our nation's youth.

Educators agree that "supplemental" Ed areas like the visual arts provide critical components of a child's overall education, both by helping kids develop "side skills" (skills and abilities outside rote memorization), and by developing confidence and the creative thinking skills that are necessary inside and outside of the classroom.

Since 1988, Young Rembrandts has been providing children across the country the programs and the resources they need to gain these valuable skills through local kid's art classes offered in schools and a variety of community organizations.


With Young Rembrandts, parents and educators can enroll their children in a variety of unique classes. The online Young Rembrandts' Class Locator lists when and where existing preschool and elementary drawing classes are provided and offers instructions on how to set-up a drawing class in a school or a community where one may be lacking.


Children can also get Young Rembrandts' curriculum along with a life experience through specialized themed camps like a "Wild West Summer Art Camp," "Mostly Monster Cartooning," or "Perfectly Princess Camp" where fun and a kids' individual interests can blend with skill sets they can use through their entire lives.


The testimonials on the Young Rembrandts site demonstrate the positive power of this children's art class and curriculum in stimulating the interests of K-8 children and the ways that Young Rembrandts can make learning "come alive" in the classroom.

Administrators discuss how Young Rembrandts has helped their schools, instructors give case by case examples of how students are motivated to get engaged in their learning through the drawing curriculum, and parents talk about how Young Rembrandts' children's art lessons have helped to get their kids interested in school.

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Learn more about the effectiveness of Young Rembrandts children's art program and curriculum; and view "Student Showcases," types of products, and info on specific art classes for preschoolers and elementary students on their web site See how the company helps create vibrant learning experiences for kids across the nation, contributing to a brighter future.

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