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Hepregen Corporation

August 27, 2013 09:34 ET

Hepregen Launches First Human Hepatopac™ DMPK Assay Kit for Metabolite Identification and Profiling

First Fully Validated Application-Oriented In Vitro Kit Predicting Drug Metabolites in the Clinic

The Kit Provides Unmatched Ease of Use and Outstanding Performance

MEDFORD, MA--(Marketwired - August 27, 2013) - Hepregen Corporation, developer of next generation HepatoPac™ and HepatoMune™ products, announced today the commercial launch of the Company's first application-oriented Human HepatoPac™ Kit designed specifically for use in metabolite identification and profiling. The DMPK Kit, first of its kind, was developed over a 5-year period with significant input from Hepregen's pharmaceutical company customers and research partners. It provides customers with a plug-in-ready product that includes live, fully functional human liver cells on a micro-patterned, standard 24-well tissue culture plate along with specially formulated tissue culture media for both maintenance and experimental applications. The parenchymal liver cells, known as hepatocytes, remain fully functional in this in vitro co-culture environment for up to eight weeks, allowing for unprecedented and accurate analysis of drug metabolism in both short- and long-term experiments.

Dr. Vincent Zurawski, Hepregen's chief executive officer stated, "The launch of this application-specific kit provides our customers and CRO partners a fully validated option for accurately predicting the metabolic fate of candidate drugs in the clinic and for evaluating the drug potential of predecessor compounds at all stages of product development. The kit provides the pharmaceutical industry with a tool that is the most predictive in the industry for studying the fate of both rapidly and slowly metabolized compounds. When combined with Hepregen's unmatched customer and technology support, we believe that no competing product can offer all the benefits of both the ease of use and the high level of performance associated with this new HepatoPac™ product."

Jack McGeehan, Hepregen's Vice President of Operations, also commented, "The release of this kit to the marketplace is an important milestone in Hepregen's commercial evolution. We now are providing to the industry for the first time a routinely manufactured, high quality tool containing live hepatocytes that outperforms all others, predicting with great specificity the in vivo generation of liver-produced Phase 1 and 2 metabolites, as well as primary, secondary and even tertiary metabolites. In one experiment our customers can now determine metabolite levels as early as minutes after exposure of a test compound to the liver cells out to several days, providing up-front information to drug developers that can mitigate risk and lower the cost of drug development."

About Hepregen Corporation

Hepregen Corporation is the undisputed leader in innovating unique and proprietary bioengineered micro-liver platforms for use in environmental testing, preventive care, and pharmaceutical, biotherapeutic and diagnostic product development. The Company's micro-liver HepatoPac™ and HepatoMune™ products are driving a paradigm shift in drug development. The utility of Hepregen's human, rat, monkey and dog HepatoPac™ and HepatoMune™ products has been validated in collaboration with investigators at several well-known pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, new applications for these products are being tested by Hepregen, its pharmaceutical company customers, and its academic and business partners. Hepregen was founded and capitalized by Battelle Ventures with technology licensed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The technology was developed by Professor Sangeeta Bhatia, who is a world renowned expert and leader in liver bioengineering for life science and therapeutic applications. She currently chairs the Company's scientific advisory board.

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