Regaine for Women

Regaine for Women

June 07, 2013 11:00 ET

Hereditary Hair Loss Cannot Be Remedied With a 'Quick Fix'

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - June 7, 2013) -

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For most women, a healthy looking head of hair is intrinsic to their confidence. Hair thins naturally with age, but if the process starts too soon, find a solution with Regaine® for Women.

Most women's hair growth slows with age(1), but if hair is noticeably thinning or falling out earlier than expected, it's important to establish why. It could be due to a traumatic event (childbirth/stress/major illness) in recent months or chemotherapy.

Or it may be that the hair follicles have been traumatised locally, perhaps from overly tight braiding, ponytails or hair extensions(2). It could also be due to andogenetic alopecia - a hereditary/hormonal condition that can affect women any time.

In the UK alone nearly 5 million women experience thinning hair sometimes referred to as hereditary hair loss.

The good news for these women, who are often looking for answers to their hair loss problem is that further hair loss may be prevented, and even new hair growth encouraged, if treatment is started early with the right product.

The secret to success

Regaine® for Women Regular Strength Minoxidil 2% Scalp Solution has been clinically proven to help stop hair thinning for eight out of 10 women. This is because it contains minoxidil which works in four key ways:

  1. It encourages hair follicles to move from the resting phase (where they have begun to stay for longer) to the growth phase

  2. To stay in the growth phase for longer

  3. It increases blood flow to follicle

  4. It increases hair shaft diameter if correctly applied, twice a day, noticeable hair growth may be visible after 16 weeks.

It's easy to use and can quickly become part of the morning and evening beauty routine - For best results it must be used twice daily.

Apply just 1 ml of Regaine® for Women Regular Strength Minoxidil 2% Scalp Solution to the affected areas of the scalp while it is dry, twice a day - morning and night.

What to expect

If used twice a day the following results can be expected:

  • Weeks 2-6: Hair shedding may occur for up to two weeks
  • Week 16: Initial results should start to be visible
  • Week 32: Three out of five women report noticeable hair growth

If the hair starts to regrow, it will probably be soft, downy and barely visible. After continued treatment, this new hair should become the same colour and thickness as the rest of the hair.

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REGAINE® for Women Regular Strength treatment is for female hereditary hair loss. REGAINE® for Women Regular Strength contains minoxidil. Always read the label.


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