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October 15, 2009 10:23 ET

Heroku Drives Huge Growth through Third Quarter 2009

Top Cloud Computing Platform More Than Doubles in Last Twelve Months to Host Over 35,000 Ruby Apps, Sees Big Increase in Apps Exceeding Hundreds of Millions of Page Views a Month, and Grows Sales 50%, Month Over Month

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2009) - Heroku, the industry's leading Ruby cloud platform as a service, today announced it has ended its Q3 2009 with more than double the number of deployed applications over the last twelve months and is experiencing more than 50% growth in sales month-over-month since the launch of the company's commercial service last April. During that same time, Heroku has experienced substantial growth in customer applications that have scaled to over half a billion page views a month, validating that enterprises and service providers are turning to Heroku's commercial service to grow their own businesses and to develop innovative solutions.

Since 2007 Heroku has set the standard for web app development with a reliable, agile platform for rapid development, testing, and production deployment of web apps, along with innovations that deliver provisionless, automated access to and management of key application platform components such as the Ruby runtime, Rack middleware, SQL databases, background processing, message queuing, in-memory caching, HTTP caching, and many more.

"Heroku has been leading the way in web app deployment and management, changing the economics for customers to get their service to the web. This latest wave of customer wins, coupled by such stunning growth validates our strategy is working," said newly appointed CEO of Heroku, Byron Sebastian. "We thank our thousands of customers, enthusiastic community supporters and users worldwide for proving that cloud computing delivers tremendous benefits to all companies, large or small, and provides a far better economic model for using compute resources using Heroku's more automated and efficient means of development, test, deployment, and operations."

Heroku invented a new, dynamic architecture for hosting web applications that operates and scales seamlessly, with provisionless deployment, automated infrastructure management, and provides for simple and integrated access to enterprise-grade application platform components such as Ruby, databases, message queuing, and caching. Using Heroku, developers, companies, and consultancies are able to get up and running in seconds relying on the platform itself to scale to meet the needs and demands of their business as it grows. Heroku frees developers and IT staff from time consuming and repetitive operational setup and maintenance decisions such as server quantity, load balancing schemes, and compute capacity, memory, and storage allocations to name a few. As conditions change, Heroku's platform responds flexibly and reliably so that developers and customers can focus on their differentiated code and unique value.

"Delivering web application services for hundreds of millions of users is a growing realization of our initial vision of a provisionless, agile development, deployment, and production platform. Heroku simplifies the develop/test/iterate/deploy/operate lifecycle for developers and companies and it's gratifying to see our platform being adopted so widely and becoming a trusted business service," said Heroku founder James Lindenbaum.

Companies are under constant pressure to develop and deploy higher and higher value applications. Agile development practices combined with advanced frameworks such as Ruby on Rails are enabling that by providing massive development gains. Now Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solutions like Heroku are extending these productivity gains all the way through the application lifecycle and compelling web services providers to use Heroku.

New Heroku customers includeÜbermind, Shopify, FlightCaster, Gemcutter, and, to name a few. Here is what they say:Übermind

TheBestCamera is both a Top 10 iPhone application, and a social web community for photographers, created by Übermind and Chase Jarvis, a top professional photographer. Übermind, Inc. ( is a full-service software engineering firm with clients from multinational firms including AllRecipes, Amway, Apple, GREY, MasterCard, McCann Erickson, and Summit Entertainment (The Twighlight Film saga). "When it came down to production deployment, we investigated several alternatives -- but we felt that Heroku was the best balance between features, ease of use and value," said Ben Sharpe, Senior Web Services Architect at Ubermind. Heroku has provided substantial value to TheBestCamera since deployment as well. "In the first day we absorbed 5,000+ new users and 150k impressions while updating the code throughout the day."


Shopify is the leading Ruby e-commerce platform, used by Pixar, Tesla Motors, the Indianapolis Star, and many others. Shopify's service provides an easy, step-by-step process for creating a e-commerce site by taking care of the mundane details that have traditionally been jarring roadblocks -- whether it's gorgeous templates or the deployment and security of the application. Shopify lets customers focus on building their web business while Heroku lets Shopify and its partners focus on theirs. "When it came time to build out our AppStore and our own extensions to, we realized we didn't want the headaches of dealing with a standard hosting platform. We were blown away with how easy Heroku made it to get Ruby apps up and running in minutes while at the same time providing a well-architected cloud platform to make sure those apps deliver continuous reliable, secure, and scalable services to our customers," said Tobias Lütke, CEO of Shopify. "Heroku saves Shopify, our partners, and our customers time and money, and gives us all peace of mind."


FlightCaster provides an online service that accurately predicts flight delays up to 6 hours before travel time. The complex, multi-language application was developed and deployed with Heroku in record time. "At FlightCaster, we compile massive amounts of data to predict flight delays and push that data to 4 different platforms. Heroku allows us to spend zero time worrying about scalability problems, up-time reliability, or deployment. Instead, we get to focus on the stuff that matters to us: our users," explains Jason Freedman, FlightCaster CEO.


Gemcutter is a new Ruby gem hosting repository that aims to be the canonical repository for open source Ruby projects. "It's by far the easiest and most enjoyable way to deploy a Rails app. I haven't had to think about maintenance at all, which speaks volumes in itself," said creator of Gemcutter, Nick Quaranto.'s 'Egymás Szemében' is the top OpenSocial application in Hungary and uses Heroku to serve hundreds of millions of monthly pageviews, including over 200 data writing operations per second. "Our opensocial application serves tens of thousands of requests per minute. Hundreds of users per second. Without Heroku, we wouldn't exist. They allowed us to scale easily, while we stayed focused on our business," said Ádám Pfenninberger, Founder of

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