December 21, 2011 08:00 ET

Hey Teach'! This gift's for YOU!...A perfect last minute gift idea for teachers

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Dec. 21, 2011) - In the United States, parents spend a total of $96,000,000 a year on Christmas gifts for their children's teachers (http://christmasgiftsforteachers.com/). In Canada, there are approximately 400,000 people teaching elementary and secondary school. If the average gift price is between $15-30 then about $10,000,000 is spent on gifts for teachers at Christmas time.

Teachers rarely expect gifts but it is always nice to buy something for the person educating your son or daughter (or educating you if you're in school). However, it can be a dilemma especially if you have left it to the very last week that school is in! There are questions about - what should you buy? What is the right price? In fact, this has caused enough concern that there is even a website dedicated to Christmas gifts for teachers.

Of teachers polled, 35% would prefer to receive a gift card or gift certificate (http://christmasgiftsforteachers.com/gift-preferences-poll). And almost none want an apple.

In the spirit of "gifting different" this year you may want to consider a UEnd:Poverty gift card, where you can donate money to many worthy projects on behalf of a teacher. Or, you can give the card to the teacher by emailing it to them on Christmas Day. It's simple as that.

For example, there are currently 57 Education projects listed on the website which will encourage learning and improve lives around the world. What a great gift for someone who has dedicated their lives to educating Canada's own children.
And when all else fails remember that a heartfelt thank you is as good a gift as any.

Top 5 Christmas gifts for teachers:

  • A personal thank you card
  • A charitable donation (pssst-> www.uend.org)
  • School supplies
  • Gift certificates for the movies
  • Spa gift certificate

Worst 5 gifts for teachers:

  • Anything apple related (a keychain, a mug with an apple on it, an apple ornament)
  • Mugs
  • Scented lotions, candles
  • Clothes
  • A framed picture of your child

Check out a pre-sorted list of Education-based projects on the UEnd.org website: http://bit.ly/vuxlcX

Happy Holidays!

- UEnd Team

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