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July 11, 2007 08:00 ET

Hey Toronto: Who's 'Walking the Talk'?

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Launches Commercial Customer Recognition Campaign

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 11, 2007) - In response to comments from the public that Toronto's business community should "get with it" and conserve electricity (especially during heat waves), Toronto Hydro-Electric System will showcase business customers who are 'walking the talk' and making efforts to conserve electricity. These businesses will be featured in radio and print advertisements, on the Toronto Hydro website, in customer newsletters and through news releases.

Toronto Hydro residential customers prompted this campaign. The utility has been aggressively promoting conservation, and many residential customers have heard the call and taken action. Increasingly, residents want to know what Toronto businesses are doing to conserve. In fact, many feel that corporate wastefulness is a hindrance in motivating others to conserve - residential customers play a part, but so do businesses. In fact, the reality is that during the summer, Toronto businesses account for up to 80 per cent of electricity use in the City.

Many citizens complain about businesses that are irresponsible electricity users. Frigid indoor temperatures, lights on at night, and doors open with the AC blasting on the hottest days of the summer (or any day) are the most common complaints.

Toronto businesses that conserve electricity help ease the strain on the system, improve air quality, and boost their own "bottom line". In the summer, air conditioners can account for 50 per cent of a power bill. High energy use caused by carelessness also stresses the grid needlessly and contributes air pollution.

Toronto Hydro would like to see all business customers reduce electricity consumption where they can. The utility also hopes this campaign highlighting responsible businesses will encourage even more companies to get on board.

To further encourage businesses to conserve, Toronto Hydro is offering a 10 per cent credit to all local businesses that reduce July and August consumption by 10 per cent compared to last summer (2006). For a typical 20-story office building, the credit would be in the $45,000 range.

News releases featuring the 'Customer of the Week' will be issued on a weekly basis beginning July 16 through to September 3. The customers that are profiled in radio and print advertisements include:

- Ed's Real Scoop
- West Side Cycle
- Mountain Equipment Coop
- Exclusive Paints
- Bloor West Business Improvement Area
- University of Toronto
- Yorkdale Mall

Examples of the ads in addition to comments from customers can be found on the Toronto Hydro website at under the "WALK THE TALK" section.

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