May 20, 2013 09:02 ET

HeyWire Launches HeyWire Business, Brings First-Ever Text Capabilities to Business Landline Phone Numbers

Oxfam America and Ligris & Associates Now Using Their Work Numbers With iOS, Android, Windows 8 Devices & Computers to Message Any Mobile Number

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwired - May 20, 2013) -  HeyWire, the cloud-based messaging platform for consumers, today announced the launch of HeyWire Business, a new service that adds text, picture and voice messaging to existing landline phone numbers and represents a pioneering approach to business messaging versus current IM options. HeyWire owns and operates their own over-the-top IP infrastructure -- similar to Google Voice or Skype -- but HeyWire is also connecting business landline numbers to IP networks, creating a comprehensive business messaging solution.

HeyWire Business users can use their landline numbers to text internally, but more importantly can use that same number to send and receive real texts to any mobile phone in the US and Canada. HeyWire allows business users to login with their landline number on any iOS device, Android device, or web browser in the world. Oxfam America and Ligris & Associates, a Boston-based law firm, are the first companies utilizing HeyWire Business to improve their communications in a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) world by separating personal from business; using one app for all internal employee messaging and external communications.

"Our staff members are doing remarkable work around the world, and HeyWire Business will give us a way to keep them better connected to headquarters and to their friends and family back home without incurring expensive international texting fees. This kind of efficiency is really important to us and our donors," said Jim Daniell, COO of Oxfam America.

HeyWire Business has three offerings: 1) Premium, which offers businesses highly rated White-Labeled iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps and a Web app to deliver ubiquitous IP messaging across devices and unlimited texting to any phone in the US and Canada; 2) Standard -- the HeyWire Business-branded app coming soon to the App Stores; and 3) HeyWire Platform -- our API, allowing businesses to plug-in to our cloud infrastructure.

How It Works

Text, pictures and Voice Text (push-to-talk) messages are sent from an existing business phone number, are automatically routed to the user's smartphone, computer, or tablet and works exactly like their default Messaging client. HeyWire Business offers encrypted and secure communications, as well as the ability to track and run reports over time, enabling a business to better manage their overall communications. In addition to messaging, the apps offer next-gen features like Auto-Reply, Company Directory and Twitter feeds.

"HeyWire is pioneering a new way to streamline employee communications. Now we never have to give out our mobile numbers for business anymore and can separate our business from personal communications," said Kosta Ligris, CEO of Ligris & Associates. "We've really enjoyed the simplicity and ease of communicating on any device whenever we want -- especially using computers to text when in the office. And because HeyWire is cloud-based, it made the integration a matter of downloading apps & accessing a website. I can't think of an organization that this service wouldn't help to massively improve and simplify their communications."

"HeyWire Business blows away yesterday's archaic IM approach to business messaging. This is what businesses need -- one number, for all their employee messaging needs, intercompany and external -- available on any and all devices," said Meredith Flynn-Ripley, CEO, HeyWire. "HeyWire Business is an industry-first service and we encourage other businesses to contact us about how they can take advantage of our cutting-edge platform."

To learn more about how HeyWire Business can help your organization, visit or contact HeyWire directly by texting them at 1-617-758-6289 or using old fashioned email at

About HeyWire

At HeyWire, we're passionate about messaging. We work to innovate and improve the way people communicate -- our top-rated apps connect more than three million people worldwide each month. HeyWire Business provides organizations with the right way to meet their company's and employees' BYOD communication needs.

Supporting today's mobile-first world, HeyWire proudly builds great multi-screen experiences in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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