HHH Choices

July 17, 2012 14:05 ET

HHH Choices, a Managed Long Term Care Plan, Expands to Serve Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Westchester

Experienced Managed Long Term Care Program Provides Cost-Effective In-Home Care to Individuals With Chronic Illness or Disability

BRONX, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 17, 2012) - HHH Choices is excited to announce the expansion of its Managed Long Term Care Plan. The New York State Department of Health recently approved HHH Choices' expansion into Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Westchester County. This innovative program is in alignment with initiatives proposed by the New York State Medicaid Redesign Team. The centerpiece of the MRT is the provision of cost-effective, in-home care to individuals with chronic illness or disabilities.

Managed Long Term Care Programs recognize that many individuals are no longer able to live on their own without assistance and are in need of nursing home level of care. These individuals, however, are capable of remaining in their homes if they are provided with a flexible care plan that is tailored to their specific needs, and is supervised by a Nurse Care Manager. In addition to the independence and dignity this approach provides, Managed Long Term Care is more cost-effective than full-time nursing home care.

Enrollment in HHH Choices is voluntary for those who qualify. An HHH Choices Nurse Care Manager will work with the member and their support system (physicians, service providers, and the member's family) to develop an individualized plan of care and provide the best health care outcomes. In addition to care management, members have a choice of primary care physicians, and access to a variety of specialized services and facilities in the network provided by the program.

Key services provided through HHH Choices include, but are not limited to: Case Management by a Registered Nurse, Professional Nursing Care, Home Health Aides, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Social Services, Adult Day Health Care, Social Day Care, Enteral and Parental Nutrition, Durable Medical Equipment, Orthotics/Prosthetics, Personal Emergency Response System, Non-Emergency Transportation, Podiatry, Dental Care, Eye Exams / Eyeglasses, Audiology / Hearing Aides and Batteries, Home Delivered or Congregate Meals, Nutrition Counseling, Social / Environmental Supports, and Nursing Home Care (Certain Medicaid Restrictions May Apply), and Medical Surgical Supplies.

HHH Choices has been operating in the Bronx since 1996 and currently serves over 1,300 Bronx residents. The program has been well received by members, their families, and care providers, as well as government agencies who oversee managed long term care. A 2010 review of HHH Choices, conducted by the New York State Department of Health (SDOH), indicated no deficiencies and cited the program's success in implementing various care management process improvements.

To be eligible for HHH Choices, applicants must be 18 years of age or older, be Medicaid eligible, reside in an approved service area, and be eligible for nursing home level care. In addition, the applicant must require the plan's services for a period of 120 days or more, and be able to remain in their home without jeopardizing their health or safety.

HHH Choices is part of the Hebrew Hospital Home Continuum of Care. The Hebrew Hospital Home has been providing elder health care services to residents of the Bronx and Westchester for over 80 years. 

For more information on HHH Choices, call toll-free at 1-866-ONE NURSE / 1-866-663-6877 or visit

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