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September 29, 2010 03:13 ET

[hiddn]™ Desktop - a practical and cost-effective solution for protection of data stored on desktop computers

KRISTIANSAND, NORWAY--(Marketwire - September 29, 2010) -

High Density Devices AS releases another new user-friendly and secure product:

[hiddn]™ Desktop - a practical and cost-effective solution for protection of data stored on desktop computers.

With the release of its next generation [hiddn]™ Desktop product, High Density Devices presents a secure and user-friendly product for encryption of data at rest. The Desktop unit protects all data at rest in desktops and workstations without the need for additional software, user interference, or costly licenses! With the option of connecting two hard drives to the same PCI/PCIe-card, the [hiddn]™ Desktop combines high security with ease of use to introduce a more convenient and safe approach at full-disk encryption.

The exclusive Desktop solution connects directly to the motherboard and the storage media; a "plug and protect" solution. The combination of all encryption keys being stored on a separate smartcard (no keys stored in the device or on the storage media) and the optional two-factor authentication offers unprecedented protection! Simply install, authenticate, and start operating the computer as normal. From the moment the computer boots, all data is encrypted, and by removing the smartcard (upon power down, etc.), the user is assured that all data stored on the computer remains inaccessible to anyone not holding the smartcard. The [hiddn]™ Desktop incorporates the company's patented and certified [hiddn]™ Crypto Module and it is a standalone solution that operates transparently without the need for user intervention. It encrypts efficiently without affecting the system's performance and is completely Operating System independent (ref. detailed specifications).

Whether in your office building or at home, your unprotected desktop computer is no more secure than the lock on your door. Data breaches caused by burglaries and theft are a major problem for businesses and organizations alike, and protection of data is a means of assuring users that their data remains protected at all times. Workstations today store huge amounts of sensitive data, from patient records to bank details, and they are often "protected" by security procedures and encryption solutions that slow down everyday activities and becomes a hassle for the average user. Instead of enforcing solutions that eventually users will bypass (or worse; disable), why not make it easy and encrypt all data?

The [hiddn]™ Desktop is one of many solutions provided by High Density Devices to ease users' experience with data protection while at the same time assuring Management and the corporations' or organizations' customers that their data is at all times safe. By removing the smartcard from the workstation protected by [hiddn]™ Desktop, the user effectively removes any burglar's opportunity to access the data - easy and total protection!

Would you sleep tonight if your data was lost or stolen?

Data breaches caused by stolen or lost desktops and/or hard drives are a major problem for organizations and corporations, and losing client and customer data will have severe consequences if the data has not been encrypted. With the introduction of data breach notification laws globally, organizations have to ensure their data is protected at all times, and should the data be lost or stolen, no unauthorized people should have access to it. This is the responsibility of the data processing individual, and [hiddn]™ hardware encryption is a unique solution that combines robust protection with user-friendly and cost-effective implementation.

The [hiddn]™ Desktop is released as a "Plug & Protect" solution that installs as a PCI- or PCIe-card into the majority of Desktops for protection of all data at rest. The product connects to any capacity SATA-drive and has the option of connecting to two internal hard drives for e.g. backup purposes. Each product has its own unique smartcard holding all encryption keys, and for management of products, smartcards, users, and encryption attributes, High Density Devices also offer the [hiddn]™ Key Management System.

"We are very proud to keep introducing encryption products to a market in great need of flexible, secure, and cost-effective solutions for data breach prevention. We anticipate the user friendly [hiddn]™ products to be widely adopted by the market, and the [hiddn]™ Desktop adds to an already strong line of products catering for the need to protect data at rest", states HDD Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Olav Stokke, following; "Avoiding public humiliation and financial penalties for not protecting customers' and clients' data should be a top priority for private and public organizations alike, and the [hiddn]™ Desktop, complemented by other products in our product line, will ensure that the integrity of their data is maintained at all times."

The [hiddn]™ Desktop is now shipping!

HDD is currently seeking further distributors and resellers for its [hiddn]™ products!


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Olav Stokke, Chief Executive Officer,
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Facts High Density Devices:

High Density Devices AS (HDD) has developed and patented (US Patent # 7,434,069) a unique technology for highly creative, efficient, and secure encryption of data on storage media for laptops, desktops, and mobile storage units. The solutions are easily operated, independent of Operating System, do not require maintenance, and require no configuration prior to use. It has been patented in a number of countries, and the technology and product line is trademarked as [hiddn]™. The company has also developed its proprietary "Key Management System" enabling larger organizations to administer and manage their own encryption keys.

[hiddn]™ has been developed in multiple form factors; as an encryption module for implementation in other manufacturers' end products, as its own product line, as a component (ASIC) for implementation in other manufacturers' products, and as a licensing solution for implementation in other manufacturers' components and/or designs.

High Density Devices AS is owned by Incitia Ventures II AS, Tønnevold Venture & Invest AS, KLP, the Management Team and a number of other financial and private investors.

HDD has its head office in Kristiansand and offices in Oslo and Bergen, Norway.

For a more detailed description of the company, its products and technology, investors or any other information, see the HDD web page Follow [hiddn]™ at


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