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February 25, 2010 12:56 ET

High Density Devices AS, Kristiansand, Norway, launches a new and unique product

KRISTIANSAND, NORWAY--(Marketwire - February 25, 2010) - [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter - secure encryption of USB-connected storage devices for PC.

The Company has developed a new, highly user-friendly, product for encryption of data at rest. The product supports USB-based storage media such as memory sticks and external hard drives, and is based upon HDD's patented encryption technology, a technology which is also amongst the highest certified encryption solutions in the marketplace today. The product encrypts regular USB units, costing far less than today's competing "security" USBs, and is highly secure as all encryption keys are stored on a smartcard, making the [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter superior to the majority of other solutions, where the encryption key is stored on the storage media itself.

Authorities globally are raising the bar for more strict requirements for protection of data. This applies in particular protection of sensitive data related to personal information, customer data, financial data (Stock Exchange), corporate proprietary data, Health authorities, Defence, and other areas where data is being stored or transported. Media discloses daily serious incidents of data breaches, where critical data has either been lost or stolen. Lately, focus has shifted towards a need for protection of USB memory sticks and other external storage media used while travelling, in meetings, for storage of data between meetings, and other situations where data is stored and transported. Data breaches must be reported, but if the data stored on the lost or stolen device is encrypted through the[hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter, there is no reason for concern as the information is forever inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Competing solutions are normally very expensive, especially when the "specialized" USB unit is lost or stolen. By using the[hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter, the loss is limited to the standard and low-priced USB memory stick used.

"As informed in connection with HDD's latest equity issue, we are now in the process of adapting our unique technology to mass- and high-volume markets, and the Company anticipate increase in growth over the years to come. This new product is the first of several new announcements from High Density Devices AS", the Chief Executive Officer at High Density Devices, Olav Stokke, states, adding: "Products like this will place HDD on today's "data protection" map."

The [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter supports any media capacity, and is the perfect solution for encryption of external hard drives for backup purposes. The very same product can also be used for secure destruction or recycling of hard drives.

You may use the[hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter in the office, at your home office, while travelling, in corporate meeting rooms, for secure transport of data (e.g. between Health institutions or governmental organizations, from the field to head office, etc.) and it is ideal for larger organizations where, by incorporating the [hiddn]™ KMS ("Key Management System"), the organization can itself administer smart cards and encryption keys.

Larger organizations could use one common and exclusive encryption key for communication between the smart card and the[hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter, and individual and exclusive encryption keys for each employee, thus effectively transferring encrypted data between meeting venues, to shared servers, etc., based on one shared [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter linked to these.

The[hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter is easily carried along when travelling, being only 107 mm wide, 90 mm deep, and 30 mm high. It has a built-in keypad for PIN-code entry (for added security), it has two LED status lights, and a smart card reader. It is connected to the computer using the USB port.

The[hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter will be made available in limited volumes during March 2010, and will be produced in volumes from April/May 2010.

The product is expected to have a Recommended Retail price from about US $ 299.- and comes either with HDD's certified[hiddn]™ Crypto Module, or as an ASIC-based commercial edition.

HDD are currently seeking distributors and partners!

Come see us at stand # 2533 at the RSA 2010 Conference in San Francisco, USA between March 1 and March 5 (Moscone Center).

Contact Details:

Tormod Fjellgård, Chief Marketing Officer, Cell: 95 96 35 04, email:

Olav Stokke, Chief Executive Officer, Cell: 92 26 95 15, email:

Facts High Density Devices:

High Density Devices AS (HDD) has developed and patented (US Patent # 7,434,069) a unique technology for highly creative, efficient, and secure encryption of data on storage media for laptops, desktops, and mobile storage units. The solutions are easily operated, independent of Operating System, do not require maintenance, and require no configuration prior to use. It has been patented in a number of countries, and the technology and product line is trademarked as[hiddn]™ (formerly "SecureD"). The company has also developed its proprietary "Key Management System" enabling larger organizations to administer and manage their own encryption keys.

[hiddn]™ has been developed in multiple form factors; as an encryption module for implementation in other manufacturers' end products, as its own product line, as a component (ASIC) for implementation in other manufacturers' products, and as a licensing solution for implementation in other manufacturers' components and/or designs.

High Density Devices AS is owned by Incitia Ventures II AS, TÃznnevold Venture & Invest AS, the Management Team, and a number of other financial and private investors.

HDD has its head office in Kristiansand and offices in Oslo and Bergen.

For a more detailed description of the company, its products and technology, investors, or any other information, see the HDD web page


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