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High Growth Forecasted for the World Medical Waste Management Market

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World Medical Waste Management Market

This report analyzes the US market for Medical Waste Management in US$ Million. The major Product/Service Segments analyzed are Management & Disposal Services, Collection Equipment, Liquid Medical Waste Management, and Treatment & Processing Supplies. Annual forecasts are provided for the period of 2000 through 2015. The report profiles 52 companies including many key and niche players such as Aduromed, Bondtech Corporation, Gamma Waste Systems, Hawaii Bio-Waste Systems, Inc, Mark-Costello Company, MCM Environmental Technologies, Inc., MedServe, Inc., San-I-Pak Pacific, Inc., Stericycle, Inc., Tempico, Inc., and WR2, Inc. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.



Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1 
Disclaimers I-2 
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2 
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-2 
Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3 
Medical Waste I-3 
Human Pathological Waste I-3 
Human Blood I-3 
Sharps I-4 
Cultures and Stocks I-4 
Animal Waste I-4 
Waste from Isolation Wards I-4 
Others I-4 


The United States II-1 
Introduction II-1 
Overview of RMW Management in the US II-1 
Incineration - The Leading Technology II-1 
Alternative Technologies - Issues Remain II-2 
Waste Reduction - The New Mantra II-2 
Market Overview by Segment II-3 
Medical Waste Management & Disposal Services II-3 
Liquid Medical Waste Management II-3 
Collection Equipment II-3 
Medical Waste Treatment and Processing Supplies II-3 
Market Outlook II-4 
RMW Management and Disposal Market - Growth Drivers II-4 
Growth Inhibitors II-4 
Action Plans to Boost the Prospects of Waste Management Market II-5 
Managing Medical Waste II-6 
Selecting the Proper Technology II-6 
Treatment Capability II-6 
Pollution Control II-7 
Capacity II-7 
Vendor Support II-7 
Volume Reduction/Appearance Alteration II-7 
Trends & Issues II-8 
Debut of PVC-free Medical Devices II-8 
Central Waste Treatment Facilities II-8 
Liquid Medical Waste Disposal Equipment II-9 
Autoclaving Gaining Ground in the US II-9 
Chemical/Mechanical Technologies - Doubts Persist II-10 
Small Companies Face Difficult Times II-10 
Growing Disposal Costs and Environmental Issues Shape Market 
Fortunes II-10 
Better Waste Management Cuts Costs II-10 
Preventing Environmental Damage: A Vital Issue in Waste Disposal II-11 
An Aging Population Generates Higher Quantity of Medical Waste II-11 
Persistent Organic Pollutants II-11 
Incineration - A Cause for Growing Pollution II-11 
Medical Waste Regulations Curb Incinerator Use II-12 
Furans, Dioxins and Co-Planar PCBs II-12 
Proper Waste Management Minimizes Cost and Responsibility II-12 
Mercury - A Lethal Chemical II-12 
Ways to Eliminate Mercury from Medical Waste Stream II-12 
Competitive Scenario II-13 
Stericycle - The Undisputed Leader II-13 
Regulatory Overview II-13 
Revision of Health and Safety Code II-13 
MWTA - Precursor to Present Day Regulations II-13 
Definition of Regulated Medical Waste II-14 
Clean Air Act 1997 - Thumb Rule for the EPA II-14 
Human Pathological Waste II-14 
Human Blood II-14 
Sharps II-14 
Cultures and Stocks II-14 
Animal Waste II-15 
Waste from Isolation Wards II-15 
Others II-15 
OSHA - Ensuring Worker Safety II-15 
Bloodborne Pathogens Standard II-15 
Department of transport - ensuring safe transport of rmw II-16 
Hazmat Employees II-17 
Hazmat Employee Training II-17 
Storage II-17 
Packaging Requirements II-17 
Documentation II-18 
US Postal Service II-18 
What Can be Mailed? II-18 
Prohibited Materials II-18 
Packaging Requirements II-19 
Centers for Disease Control II-19 
Guidelines for the Disposal of Pharmaceutical Waste II-19 
Medical Wastes from Private Homes II-19 
Radioactive Waste II-20 
Other Hazardous Waste II-20 
New Technologies in Medical Waste Management II-20 
Steam Sterilization/Sanitation II-20 
Working Mechanism II-21 
Drawbacks II-21 
Superheated Steam II-21 
Hydroclaving II-21 
Rotoclave II-22 
Dryheat Treatment II-22 
Microwave Treatment II-22 
Chemical Treatment II-22 
Waste Mineralization/Stabilization II-23 
Sterilization with Mineralization II-23 
Burying of Sanitary Wastes II-23 
Public Sewerage System II-23 
Decontamination II-24 
Liquid Medical Waste Disposal II-24 
Strategic Corporate Developments II-25 
Advanced Disposal Services Acquires Jacksonville Operations 
of Waste Services . II-25 
Waste Industries USA Acquires American Disposal Services II-25 
Sharps Compliance Acquires Texas-Based Leased Disposal 
Facility . II-25 
MPRI Announces Expansion into Waste Management Market with 
National Training Campaign II-26 
Premier Renews Agreement with Ascent II-26 
Stericycle Takes Over Commodore Medical Services II-27 
Franklin Square Hospital Center Acquires Aduromed's MC4 System II-27 
Aramark Buys Aduromed's Medclean System II-27 
Enserv West Acquires InEnTec's Medical Waste Business II-28 
Enserv Acquires Agility Bioservices II-28 
Stericycle Acquires Medical Waste Management II-28 
EnergySolutions Acquires NUKEM II-28 
Veolia Environmental Services Acquires Otis & Sons II-28 
IESI Corp Acquires Winters Bros Waste Systems II-28 
Waste Connections Acquires Certain Southeast Operations of 
Waste Management II-29 
Aduromed to Deliver MedClean(r) Series System to Monaco II-29 
General Devices Announces Name Change II-29 
Aduromed to Deliver MedClean(r) Series System to Monaco II-29 
XMED Disposal Unveils XMED MAIL SYSTEM II-30 
MedServe Takes Over Three Companies of Medical Waste Industry II-30 
General Devices Acquires Aduromed II-30 
Avista's Investment in MedServe II-30 
MedServe Takes Over Envirosolve II-31 
MedSolutions Acquires SteriLogic Waste Systems II-31 
Pure Earth Takes Over Terrasyn Group II-31 
Sanitec Acquires North State Specialty Waste II-31 
Sharps Compliance Signs Distribution Agreement with Attentus II-31 
Caprius Signs Distribution Agreement with Renal Dynamics II-31 
Stericycle Acquires STGL II-31 
ForeverGreen Selects Premier Medical as Feedstock Supply Partner II-32 
Bioservices Develops Highly Advanced Technology for Medical 
Waste Treatment II-32 
Stericycle Acquires Medical Systems II-32 
Medserve Takes Over Engineered Recovery Systems II-32 
Sanitec Acquires SafeWaste II-32 
Select Players II-32 
Aduromed II-32 
Bondtech Corporation II-33 
Gamma Waste Systems II-33 
Hawaii Bio-Waste Systems, Inc II-33 
Mark-Costello Company II-33 
MCM Environmental Technologies, Inc. II-33 
MedServe, Inc. II-34 
San-I-Pak Pacific, Inc. II-34 
Stericycle, Inc II-34 
Tempico, Inc II-35 
WR2, Inc II-35 
Market Analytics II-36 
Table 1: US Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for 
Medical Waste Management by Product/Service Segment - 
Management & Disposal Services, Collection Equipment, Liquid 
Medical Waste Management, and Treatment & Processing Supplies 
Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in 
US$ Million for the Years 2000 through 2010 (includes 
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-36 

Table 2: US Long-term Projections for Medical Waste 
Management by Product/ Service Segment - Management & 
Disposal Services, Collection Equipment, Liquid Medical Waste 
Management, and Treatment & Processing Supplies Markets 
Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ 
Million for Years 2011 through 2015 (includes corresponding 
Graph/Chart) II-37 

Table 3: US 10-Year Perspective for Medical Waste Management 
by Product/Service Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar 
Sales for Management & Disposal Services, Collection 
Equipment, Liquid Medical Waste Management, and Treatment & 
Processing Supplies for Years 2003, 2008 and 2012 (includes 
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-37 


1. Canada II-38 
Overview II-38 
Strategic Corporate Developments II-38 
EWI Installs and Commissions a Batch Processor at Abbott II-38 
Syngas to Acquire Beiseker's Facility II-39 
Select Players II-39 
Environmental Waste International, Inc II-39 
Hydroclave Systems Corp. II-39 

2. Europe II-40 
Stress on Waste Minimization II-40 
Ireland Opts for Non-Incineration Technology II-40 
Strategic Corporate Development II-40 
Kualiti Alam to Develop Own Incinerator II-40 
Sterile Technologies Group (Ireland) - A Major Player II-41 

3. Asia-Pacific II-42 
Overview II-42 
Lack of Resources and Trained Staff Impede Proper Disposal II-42 
Incineration - Most Preferred Method for Waste Disposal in 
Southeast Asian Countries II-42 
Medical Waste Management in China II-42 
Regulatory Environment II-43 
Medical Waste Management in India II-43 
Regulatory Environment II-44 
A Step Towards Pyrolysis II-44 
Medical Waste Management in Korea II-44 
Medical Waste Management in Taiwan II-45 
Market Overview II-45 
Regulatory Environment II-45 
USA Vs. Taiwanese Medical Waste Management II-46 
Medical Waste Management in Vietnam II-46 
Strategic Corporate Developments II-46 
SCB Hospital Completes Installation of Waste Treatment Unit II-46 
Stericorp to Acquire Remaining Interest in DSA II-46 
Lehman Brothers to Acquire a Minor Share in Ramky II-47 
Globetech Environmental and MediVac Ink Joint Venture Agreement II-47 
United Engineers Signs a Deal with WB Unit II-48 
Lo's Enviro-Pro and Tsinghua Daring ink Joint Venture Deal II-48 
Furukawa and Toho Zinc Establish Joint Venture Company II-48 

4. Rest of World II-49 
Medical Waste Management in Jamaica II-49 
Medical Waste Management in Saudi Arabia II-49 
Medical Waste Management in South Africa II-49 
Medical Waste Management in Tanzania II-50 
Management of Infectious Waste II-50 
Medical Waste Vs. Municipal Waste II-50 
Incineration II-51 
Strategic Corporate Developments II-52 
International Power Inks MOU and Cooperation Protocol 
Agreement with the Arab Republic of Egypt II-52 
Aqua Clean Unveils Medical Waste Treatment Centre II-52 


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