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High Growth Forecasted for the Opportunities in Nutritional and Functional Daily Dosing: Future trends in beauty, digestive, cardiovascular and bone health food and drinks

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 11, 2008) - announces that a new market research report related to the Health food industry is available in its catalogue.

Opportunities in Nutritional and Functional Daily Dosing: Future trends in beauty, digestive, cardiovascular and bone health food and drinks

Opportunities in Nutritional and Functional Daily Dosing: Future trends in beauty, digestive, cardiovascular and bone health food and drinks

Identify and target the key growth areas in the daily dose market by category and region with the analysis and forecasts in this new report...

With increasing consumer interest in health and nutrition, food and drinks that are "medicinal" in some way are well placed to benefit from this trend. Daily dose products meet this consumer need plus they help to boost consumption frequency and brand loyalty to the benefit of manufacturers and retailers. Whilst the market has become more concentrated in the top three functions (digestive health, energy and weight management) there are other growing opportunities (for example in beauty products) and some exciting emerging niches (such as in mental functioning and eye health).

Opportunities in Nutritional and Functional Daily Dosing is a new management report published by Business Insights that analyzes more than 1,700 daily dose products launched around the world between 2004 and 2007. Over that time new products have become more specific in their functioning and targeted in their positioning.

Gain up-to-date competitive intelligence across the daily dose market and understand the major issues affecting food and drinks with this new report...

Key issues examined by this report...

- Mature markets. As the longest established of the daily dose categories, trends in intestinal health drinks are more advanced than in other categories and illustrate the probable future direction of the market.

- Learning from Japan. The Japanese market is an indication of how functional products will develop. For cardiovascular products it suggests a move on from cholesterol lowering products to other functions. And for musculoskeletal products it suggests that targeted demographic marketing will increasingly come to the fore.

- New functions. Emerging functions include those targeting the central nervous system (such as by boosting brainpower and relaxation), respiratory system and eye health. More specific functions within existing markets will also emerge.

This new report will enable you to...

- Quantify key daily dose markets and growth potential based on market value data for functional dairy, OTC medicines and dietary supplements in Europe and the US.

- Improve targeting and the effectiveness of your NPD strategies with this report's analysis of Productscan data of over 1,700 daily dose product launches that took place globally between 2004 and 2007 with a particular focus on the lessons from Japan, the leading market for such products.

- Assess opportunities in the global daily dose market with this report's analysis of digestive health, energy, weight management, cardiovascular health, beauty and many others.

- Identify and target future areas with this report's epidemiology data on 5 major lifestyle diseases in Europe, the US and Japan, including hypertension, IBS and osetoporosis.

Your questions answered...

- How does the daily dose market segment in terms of nutritional and functional food and drinks?

- Which demographic groups represent the best prospects for targeted daily dose products?

- Which multinationals have so far become most involved in this market? What can they learn from the Japanese companies that comprise the top 15 most innovative companies in the world?

- What are the different types of weight management ingredients and which manufacturers have so far launched products containing these ingredients?

- How are the different types of daily dose functional products faring over time? Which ones are being launched most often?

Some key findings from this report...

- There has been a marked increase in the proportion of products that are targeted at one or more specific demographic groups up from 1 in 10 in 2004 to 1 in 4 in 2007. With ageing populations in many countries, seniors were the most targeted demographic group in 2007 accounting for 7% of all targeted daily dosing products. Products for women also accounted for 7% of targeted launches.

- One third of all daily dose products are soft drinks and about half as many again are dairy products. The rise of daily dosing foods means that bakery products, confectionery, dairy food, cooking ingredients, rice/noodles, sauces and soups are now established in this market.

- In 2007 just over half of all daily dosing products were launched in Asia-Pacific, largely in Japan. Its share of the global total has increased since 2004. There have been corresponding falls in the share of products launched in North America and Europe although the absolute number of launches there has increased.

- Osteoporosis affected 60.9 million people in the 5 European economies, the US and Japan in 2006.

Table of Contents

Opportunities in Nutritional and Functional Daily Dosing

Executive Summary 10

Market drivers and issues 10

Innovation and NPD 11

Future functional trends 12

Future marketing trends 13

Chapter 1 Introduction 16

Research methodology 16

The daily dosing market defined 16

Traditional and contemporary daily dosing 17

Report structure 19

Chapter 2 Market drivers and issues 22

Summary 22

Introduction 23

Changing attitudes towards health 23

Health concerns 23

Healthy behaviors 24

Conclusions 27

Prevalence of specific health conditions 27

Cardiovascular disorders 28

Dyslipidemia 29

Hypertension 30

Overweight and obesity 31

Digestive disorders 34

Bone health 35

Conclusions 36

Chapter 3 Innovation and NPD 38

Summary 38

Introduction 39

Nutritional versus functional products 39

Regional analysis 40

Category analysis 42

Non-traditional product categories 44

Developments in tea, coffee and cocoa 45

Developments in bakery and confectionery 46

Developments in savory foods 48

Conclusions 51

Product feature analysis 51

Product tag analysis 51

Flavor analysis 52

Packaging analysis 53

Functional daily dosing products 54

Company analysis 54

Function analysis 56

Case study: Taisho Pharmaceutical 58

Demographic target group analysis 59

Conclusions 60

Chapter 4 Future functional trends 64

Summary 64

Introduction 64

Digestive health 65

Intestinal health 65

Emerging markets 65

Ingredient branding 66

Product line extensions 67

Health extensions 67

Improving liver function 68

Controlling blood sugar 69

Conclusions 70

Energy 70

Emerging markets 71

Recovery drinks 72

Conclusions 73

Weight management 74

Fat burners 74

Fat and carb blockers 78

Appetite suppressants and satiety promoters 79

Conclusions 81

Cardiovascular health 81

Reducing cholesterol 81

Reducing hypertension 83

Improving circulation 84

Conclusions 85

Beauty 85

Conclusions 88

Oral health 88

Conclusions 90

The immune system 90

Boosting immunity 90

Anti-allergenic products 92

Blood system functions 92

Conclusions 93

Bone, joint and muscle health 94

Bone health 94

Joint health 95

Muscle health 95

Conclusions 96

Emerging functions 96

Central nervous system 97

Brain boosting products 97

Relaxing products 97

Stress alleviation products 98

Respiratory system 99

Eye health 99

Conclusions 100

Chapter 5 Future marketing trends 104

Summary 104

Introduction 104

Targeting demographic groups 105

Age groups and function 105

Children 105

Young adults 107

Mid-lifers 108

Seniors 109

The agelessness counter trend 110

Conclusions 111

Genders and function 111

Men 111

Women 112

Conclusions 114

Using new ingredients 114

Conclusions 118

Tailoring packaging to occasions 118

Compact packaging 118

Multipacks 120

Conclusions 122

Developing marketing communications 122

Naming the brand 122

Promoting daily usage 123

Broadening usage occasions 125

Developing cross-promotions 126

Conclusions 128

Index 129

List of Figures

Figure 1.1: Yakult - the traditional functional daily dosing product 17

Figure 1.2: New Yakult products 18

Figure 2.3: Prevalence (%) of various health conditions, Europe & US, 2005-06 28

Figure 3.4: Share of all daily dosing product launches, by region, 2004-07 40

Figure 3.5: Share of all daily dosing product launches by category, 2004-07 43

Figure 3.6: New soup products 43

Figure 3.7: New tea, coffee and cocoa products 45

Figure 3.8: New bread and breakfast cereals products 46

Figure 3.9: New cookie products 47

Figure 3.10: New confectionery products 48

Figure 3.11: New dairy foods 49

Figure 3.12: New rice, noodle and sauce products 50

Figure 3.13: New cooking ingredient products 50

Figure 3.14: Coca-Cola daily dose products 55

Figure 3.15: Recaldent from Cadbury 56

Figure 3.16: Share of targeted daily dosing product launches by type of function, 2004-2007 57

Figure 3.17: New Taisho Pharmaceutical products 58

Figure 4.18: Ukrainian intestinal health milk 66

Figure 4.19: Yoplait with Optibalance intestinal health yogurt 66

Figure 4.20: Types of intestinal health drink 67

Figure 4.21: Health extensions in intestinal health products 68

Figure 4.22: Drinks to improve liver function 69

Figure 4.23: Products to control blood sugar 70

Figure 4.24: Notable new energy drinks 71

Figure 4.25: Energy drinks in emerging markets 72

Figure 4.26: Recovery drinks from SSP 73

Figure 4.27: Weight management drinks with carnitine 75

Figure 4.28: Weight management product with citrus aurantium 76

Figure 4.29: Weight management drinks with green tea catechins 77

Figure 4.30: Weight management drink with pantothenic acid 77

Figure 4.31: Weight management products with fat blockers 78

Figure 4.32: Weight management products with carb blockers 79

Figure 4.33: Weight management products with glucomannan 80

Figure 4.34: Weight management product promoting satiety 80

Figure 4.35: Cholesterol reducing dairy foods with plant sterols 82

Figure 4.36: Cholesterol reducing dairy drinks with plant sterols 82

Figure 4.37: Cholesterol reducing drinks with amino acids and chitosan 83

Figure 4.38: Hypertension reducing drinks 84

Figure 4.39: Circulation improving products 85

Figure 4.40: Beauty products with collagen peptide 86

Figure 4.41: Beauty products with hyaluronic acid 86

Figure 4.42: Beauty products with zinc and royal jelly 87

Figure 4.43: Beauty products with CoQ10 87

Figure 4.44: Danone Essensis 88

Figure 4.45: Oral health confectionery 89

Figure 4.46: Ezaki Glico oral health confectionery 89

Figure 4.47: Immunity boosting products 91

Figure 4.48: Anti-allergenic products 92

Figure 4.49: Anti-inflammatory and anemia controlling products 93

Figure 4.50: Bone health milks 94

Figure 4.51: Joint health products 95

Figure 4.52: Muscle health drink 96

Figure 4.53: Brain function drinks 97

Figure 4.54: Relaxation products 98

Figure 4.55: Stress reducing products 98

Figure 4.56: Respiratory system product 99

Figure 4.57: Eye health product 100

Figure 5.58: Daily dose products for children 106

Figure 5.59: Daily dose products for young adults 107

Figure 5.60: Daily dose products for mid-lifers 108

Figure 5.61: Daily dose products for seniors 110

Figure 5.62: Products marketed as ageless 110

Figure 5.63: Daily dose products for men 112

Figure 5.64: Daily dose products for women 113

Figure 5.65: Fruit to Spoon 115

Figure 5.66: General health vegetable drink 115

Figure 5.67: Takara Bio general health drinks with plant extracts 116

Figure 5.68: General health drinks with soy derivatives 116

Figure 5.69: General health drinks with fluoride, vinegar and LGG 117

Figure 5.70: Compact energy drink 119

Figure 5.71: Compact confectionery 119

Figure 5.72: Water in easy-to-carry bottles 120

Figure 5.73: Products packaged for different occasions 121

Figure 5.74: Yogurt drink in a weekly supply 121

Figure 5.75: Products whose names encourage daily consumption 123

Figure 5.76: Products promoting daily usage 124

Figure 5.77: Products that encourage morning consumption 125

Figure 5.78: Products that highlight their use on a range of occasions 126

Figure 5.79: Lipovitan energy drinks 127

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