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High Growth Forecasted for the Silverlight Mobile 2008: Developing the Platform for the Future of Mobile Content

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Silverlight Mobile 2008: Developing the Platform for the Future of Mobile Content

When Microsoft(TM) creates a new product that it intends to roll out across its future operating systems to enable an enhanced multimedia experience from the internet, then web developers and the internet community need to pay attention. When Microsoft generates this capability for mobile phones in the same product, AND Nokia signs up to the service, then the telecoms industry needs to pay attention too. Do you know what Silverlight offers the mobile world? Do you know how it will be positioned against its competitors? Visiongain's latest report will tell you the answers.

With the moves towards a flat-fee for mobile internet access, rather than volume-based per Megabyte, and an ever-hungry multimedia audience, there is a drive for a new genre of mobile content that is richer and more engaging. Microsoft has identified the opportunity to develop and market a single mobile applications environment that reduces the existing fragmentation between different handsets. Can Silverlight be the preferred solution? Can Microsoft claim a significant share of the mobile content segment? You must find out the answer to this NOW and this report will tell you.

By reading this strategic and analytical report you will discover Silverlight addresses two areas of Microsoft's key strategic aims. Firstly it addresses Microsoft's goal of improving the ``user experience capabilities``. Secondly, the company is seeking to provide an end-to end development environment that encourages the use of Microsoft technologies and services. Microsoft's vision for Silverlight is to provide 'the' ubiquitous programming model. With such a wide pool of developers able to provide content for Silverlight there is an existing base of content, and with Microsoft's backing, can this product really fail? What impact will it have on the market?

- What does Silverlight actually offer to the mobile world?

- How will this product be positioned against Adobe Flash Lite, and other competitive challengers?

- Will Microsoft be able to counter the existing penetration that Adobe already has in this area?

- Does Silverlight signify a new direction for Microsoft to try and gain a foothold in the mobile market?

- Where does Silverlight sit in Microsoft's overall mobile ambitions and framework?

- Can Microsoft convince handset OEMs, other than Nokia, that this technology and environment are going to be worth the investment?

This 50+ page report will examine the opportunities and challenges that exist for Microsoft's Silverlight in mobile, and provides analyses of the different scenarios that will fuel Silverlight's adoption across the breadth of the mobile industry value chain.

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Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1 Mobile Content
1.2 Mobile Application Development
1.3 User Experience
1.4 Microsoft's Silverlight
1.5 Aims of the report - Silverlight in Mobile
Chapter 2. Microsoft's Business Strategy
2.1 The competitive environment
2.2 Microsoft's Business Strategy - a focus on Silverlight

Chart 2.1 Microsoft Strategy
2.2.1 Acquisitions
2.2.2 Partner Ecosystem
2.2.3 Software plus Services (S+S) Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)

2.2.4 Connected Experiences

2.3 Silverlight's positioning within Microsoft's strategy

2.3.1 Broadening the audience for S+S
2.3.2 Supporting the Connected Experience
2.3.3 Widening the partner ecosystem

2.4 Microsoft in mobile
2.5 Silverlight for Mobile

2.5.1 Microsoft's mobile consumer vision.
2.5.2 Silverlight delivers RIAs for mobile consumers to boast mobile
       marketing and advertising revenues

Chapter 3. Silverlight Overview
3.1 Development History

3.1.1 Silverlight 1.0
Table 3.2 Silverlight 1.0 -Key Features
3.1.2 Silverlight 2.0
Table 3.2 Silverlight 2.0 -Key Features
Table 3.3 .NET Languages
3.1.3 Moonlight -Silverlight for Linux
3.1.4 Silverlight Partner Initiative

3.2 Architecture

Chart 3.1 Silverlight Architecture

3.3 RIA frameworks

3.3.1 Adobe's RIASolutions
Chart 3.2 Adobe's RIA Solutions Adobe's Flex/Flash/AIR Flash/Flash Player and Flash Lite Flex Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)

3.3.2 JavaFX

Chapter 4. Silverlight for Mobile
4.1 Handset Manufacturers

4.1.1 Nokia /Microsoft Partnership
4.1.2 Visiongain predicts future Microsoft/OEM Silverlight Partnerships

4.2 Operators

4.2.1 Silverlight Motivators for Operators
4.2.2 Operators' Revenue Models for Silverlight

4.3 Developers

4.3.1 Silverlight Motivators for Developers

4.4 Adobe's Mobile Solutions

4.4.1 Operators
4.4.2 OEMs
4.4.3 Designers and Developers

4.5 Mobile Silverlight's Main Competitor - Adobe Flash Lite
Chapter 5. Analysing the impact of Silverlight within the Mobile Ecosystem
5.1 Openness in the Mobile Ecosystem
5.2 User Experience and RIA improve mobile revenues
5.3 Mobile Content provide Brand Enhancement and Advertising Market
5.4 Windows Mobile for Consumers - Microsoft's focus on UX, Mobile
     Applications and Services
5.5 Microsoft Mobile Business Goals and Silverlight Market opportunities
5.7 Is it all about Microsoft's Web Strategy?
5.8 Conclusion

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Organisations mentioned in this report
ABC Television
China Cache Networks
China Mobile
Chunghwa Telecom
Home Shopping Network
Pinnacle Systems
Sony Ericsson
Sprint Nextel
Technicolor EDS

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Silverlight Mobile 2008: Developing the Platform for the Future of Mobile Content

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