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High Growth Reported for the China Logistics Industry Report, 2007-2008

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China Logistics Industry Report, 2007-2008

China's total value of logistics in 2007 reached CNY75.2282 trillion, up 26.2% year on year, boosted by continuous rapid growth in China's economy. According to the conservative estimation by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, China's logistics industry is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 16 percent in the forthcoming three years.

In 2007, the added value of China logistics industry was CNY1.7 trillion, up 20.3% year on year, accounting for 17.6% of the total of China service industry and 6.9% of China's GDP.

In 2007, China's total cargo transport volume was 22.53 billion tons and its turnover volume of freight transport was 10.1 trillion tons/kilometers, up 10.7% and 11.8% year on year respectively. As for the distribution by modes of transportation, water transportation occupied 67 percent of China's turnover volume of freight transport, railway transportation 22.5 percent, road transportation 10.5% and aviation transportation 0.1 percent.

This report is based on the authoritative statistics from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Logistics Association of China, the China Auto Logistics Association of CFIP, the General Administration of Customs, the State Information Center, and the National Bureau of Statistics. The report makes an in-depth analysis on the current situation, segmented markets and main companies of China's logistics industry, and also makes the forecasts on the development trend of China's logistics industry in 2008.

1. China Logistics Industry Development and Its Forecast
1.1 Development Environment of Logistics Industry
1.1.1 A Stage of Economic Development
1.1.2 A Fast Growth in Imports & Exports
1.1.3 A Rapid Rise in Investment
1.1.4 A Quick Growth in Industries with Big Demand for Logistics
1.1.5 Government Policy Support
1.2 China Logistics Industry Development and Its Forecast, 2007-2008
1.2.1 China Logistics Industry Development in 2007
1.2.2 Structure of China Total Logistics Expenses in 2007
1.2.3 China Logistics Industry Development and Its Forecast in 2008

2. China Transportation Industry Development
2.1 Highway
2.1.1 Highway Supply in China
2.1.2 Highway Demand in China
2.1.3 Increasing Fluctuations of Highway Freight Transport Prices
2.1.4 China Fixed Assets Investment in Highway
2.2 Railway
2.2.1 China Railway Transport Development and Its Forecast
2.2.2 China Fixed Assets Investment in Railway
2.3 Water Way
2.4 Civil Aviation
2.4.1 China Air Transport Industry Driven by China Economic Growth
2.4.2 China Air Transport Industry Development and Its Forecast
2.4.3 Foreign Capital Entry into China Air Transport Industry

3. Logistics Development in Main Industries
3.1 Auto Logistics
3.1.1 China Auto Logistics Development
3.1.2 Development Trend of China Auto Logistics
3.2 Steel Logistics
3.2.1 China Steel Logistics Development
3.2.2 Development Trend of China Steel Logistics
3.3 Petrochemical Logistics
3.3.1 China Petrochemical Logistics Development
3.3.2 Development Trend of China Petrochemical Logistics
3.4 Household Appliance Logistics
3.4.1 China Household Appliance Logistics Development
3.4.2 Obstacles to the Development of Household Appliance Logistics
3.5.1 Coal Logistics Plan
3.5.2 Priorities in Base Channel Development
3.5.3 Establishment of Coal Transportation Center

4. Typical Companies
4.1 UPS
4.1.1 Company Profile
4.1.2 Operation Status
4.1.3 Development Strategy and Progress
4.2 FedEx
4.2.1 Company Profile
4.2.2 Operation Status
4.2.3 Development Progress
4.3 DHL
4.3.1 Company Profile
4.3.2 Operation Status
4.3.3 Development Strategy and Progress
4.4 Zhongchu Development Stock Co., Ltd
4.4.1 Company Profile
4.4.2 Financial Status
4.4.3 Operation Status
4.5 Sinotrans
4.5.1 Company Profile
4.5.2 Financial Status
4.5.3 Operation Status
4.6 COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd
4.6.1 Company Profile
4.6.2 Financial Status
4.6.3 Operation Status
4.7 China Shipping International Trading Co., Ltd
4.7.1 Company Profile
4.7.2 Operation Status
4.8 China Railway Express Co., Ltd.
4.8.1 Company Profile
4.8.2 Operation Status
4.9 China Post Logistics Co., Ltd
4.9.1 Company Profile
4.9.2 Operation Status
4.10 P.G. Logistics Group Co., Ltd
4.10 1 Company Profile
4.10.2 Operation Status and Strategy
4.11 ZJS Express
4.11.1 Company Profile
4.11.2 Development Strategy and Progress

5. Development Trend of China Logistics Industry
5.1 A Rapid Increase in Demand for Logistics
5.2 Integrating and Moving Trend of Logistics Information
5.3 A Rise in Operation Cost and A Fall in Average Profit Margin
5.4 Priority Given to Development of Key Fields and Weak Links
5.5 Logistics Market-An International Investment Hotspot

China Import and Export, 2001-2007
Ratios of Direct Foreign Investment in Non-financial Fields by Sector
Growth of China Logistics Total Value, 1997-2007
China Transport Cost Structure in 2007
Safekeeping Cost Structure in China 2007
China Total Turnover of Highway Passenger and Freight Traffic
China Fixed Assets Investment in Highway and FAI Gap
Newly Added Operating Mileage in China Railway in Each Five-Year Plan Period
Changes in Freight Prices of China Railway, 1990-2006
Cycle of Fixed Assets Investment in China Railway
Forecast of FAI Classification in China Railway in 2006-2010
Throughput of China Main Ports in Recent Years
Growth Rate of Total Turnover of Civil Aviation and GDP Growth
Growth in Transportation Capacity of China Civil Aviation Industry
Cargo Turnover of China Civil Aviation Industry, 1999-2007
Auto Logistics Work Flow
China Auto Sales and Its Forecast, 1996-2010
Production and Sales of China Steel Industry, 2006-2007
Types of Household Appliance Logistics Expenses
Classified Household Appliance Logistics Expenses
UPS's Operation Revenue, Operation Profit and Net Profit, 2005-2007
FedEx Operation Revenue and Profit (Growth Rates) and Net Profit, 2005-2007
DHL Operation Revenue and Its Growth Rates, 2005-2007
Comparison of DHL Business between 2006 and 2007
Equity Structure of Zhongchu Development Stock Co. Ltd.
Storage Network of Zhongchu and China National Materials Storage and
 Transportation Corp.
Zhongchu Operation Revenue & Its Growth Rates and Total Profit, 2005-2007
Revenue Structure of Zhongchu Logistics Business
Supervision on Warehouse Receipt Hypothecation
Sinotrans Group Business Scope and Its Key Listed Subsidiaries
SinoAir Operation Revenue & Its Growth Rates and Total Profit
Sinotrans Express Explosive Expansion of Business, 2004-2007
Revenue Proportion of COSCO Four Major Business
CSCL Operation Revenue and Total Profit, 2005-2007
CSCL Revenue Structure in 2007
Equity Structure of China Railway Express Co. Ltd.
Service Network of China Railway Express Co. Ltd.
P.G. Logistics Group's Logistics Network in China
General Situation of Three Major Industries in 2007
China Imports and Exports, 2006-2007
Development of Industries Related to Logistics in 2007
Chinese Government Policies Related to Logistics Industry, 2004-2007
Statistics of China Logistics Industry in the Whole Year of 2007
Proportion of Added Value of China Logistics Industry to the Total of China
 Service Industry, 2003-2007
Statistics of China Logistics Industry in Q12008
Growth in Turnover Volume by Modes of Transportation, 2007
Mileages and Their Proportions of Each Grade Highways in East, Central and
 West China in 2006
Planning for Technical Development of Highway and Waterway Transportation
 during National Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period
Price Index of Highway Freight Transport, Jan.-Dec. 2007
Development of Main Coal Bases in 2010
UPS Business Process in China Market
Volume of Package Delivered by UPS Annually and Average Daily Delivery
UPS Strategy in China
COSCO Listed Companies
COSCO Main Development Plans
Usage of Fund Raised by CSCL

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