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High Growth Reported for the Make-up - UK - August 2008

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 9, 2008) - announces that a new market research report related to the Cosmetics industry is available in its catalogue.

Make-up - UK - August 2008

About this report

For most women, make-up is an essential beauty requirement, especially lipstick and mascara. Few would give up these items when times get tough, ensuring good sales of the category, even in the current uncertain climate, with sales at Pounds Sterling 1.2 billion.

Fashion, not celebrity, is a key driver within the make-up market, ensuring a constant flow of new product and shade launches.

Yet most women are relatively unadventurous - more than half stick to the products and shades they know suit them best.

Key report themes:

- Trends in make-up are not influenced by celebrities. Fashion is a greater influence.

- Beauty experts are becoming the 'new celebrities' as more brands look to professional make-up artists to endorse their products.

- Focus on innovation in key market sectors, including mascara.

- How education can help to stimulate sales of make-up.

- Emergence of mineral make-up as a key trend.

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Issues in the Market
Key themes
Market in Brief
The essential nature of make-up
Opportunities by age
Strong NPD
Distribution changes
Internal Market Environment
Key points
Attitudes towards appearance
Figure 1: Attitudes towards personal appearance, 2005-07
Celebrity not an influence
Figure 2: Value sales index of women's magazines (UK), 2006-08
Fashion flashback
Education and innovation to attract non-users
Complaints influence formulation
Figure 3: Trends in complaints amongst women, 2005-07
Broader Market Environment
Key points
Silver, the colour of the future
Figure 4: Structure of the UK female population, by age, 2003-13
Working women
Figure 5: Working status of women, 2003-07
Ethnic population
Figure 6: UK ethnic population, 2003-13
Competitive Context
Key points
Skincare/self-tanners - a replacement for make-up?
Multi-purpose products
Strengths and Weaknesses in the Market
Market Size and Forecast
Key points
Figure 12: UK retail value sales of make-up, 2003-13
Fashion alert
Niche versus mainstream
Experts are the new celebrities
Spend per head
Figure 13: UK annual spend on make-up per capita (women aged 16+), 2003-08
The future of the market
Factors used in the forecast
Segment Performance
Key points
Figure 14: UK retail value sales of make-up, by category, 2003-08
Figure 15: UK retail value sales of make-up, by category, 2008-13
Adding functionality
Product segmentation
Figure 16: UK retail value sales of make-up products, by sub-category,
Facing it
Figure 17: Average spend per heard on make-up products, by sub-category,
Eyeing up new technology
Getting lippy
Nails going a little rusty
Market Share
Key points
Mass make-up brand shares
Figure 18: Manufacturers' value shares in mass make-up, 2006-08
Figure 19: Manufacturers' shares in premium make-up, 2006-08
Companies and Products
Brand map
L'Oreal Paris
Maybelline New York
Coty Inc
Procter & Gamble
Max Factor
Estee Lauder Companies
Estee Lauder
Other Estee Lauder brands
Other brands
Brand Communication and Promotion
Key points
Promoting the new
Figure 35: Main monitored media above-the-line spend on make-up, 2004-08
Massaging the truth
L'Oreal eyes up the number-one spot
Figure 36: Above-the-line spend on make-up, by advertiser, 2006-08
Magazines the main media
Figure 37: Advertising of make-up by media type, 2008
Product focus makes for copycat advertising
Glamour and the catwalk
Youth is highly prized
Channels to Market
Key points
Boots leads the market
Figure 38: Retail value sales of make-up by outlet type, 2006-08
Department stores
Make-up Use amongst European Women
Key points
Attitudes towards appearance
Figure 39: Attitudes towards appearance and cosmetics, by country, 2007
Use of make-up
Figure 40: Percentage point change in women using make-up, by category and
 by country, 2003-07
Consumer Usage and Purchase of Make-up
Key points
Trends in use
Figure 41: Penetration and frequency of using make-up, GB, 2005-07
Frequency of use
Lipstick is a girl's best friend
Cracks in the foundations
How to handle the over-65s
Self-service success
Figure 42: Agreement with "when shopping for make up, I always like advice
 from shop staff", October 2007
Men and Make-up
Key points
Market drivers
The changing roles of men
Generation gap
Figure 43: Structure of the male UK population, by age, 2003-13
Men's attitudes towards make-up
Figure 44: Men's attitudes to wearing make-up, July 2008
Younger men more open minded
Camouflage and confidence
New product development
The future of men's make-up
Reasons to Wear Make-up
Key points
Confidence boost
Figure 45: Reasons to wear make-up, February 2008
Polarising attitudes by age
Regional differences
Working status
Consumer research
GfK NOP education level
Advertising data
Appendix: Usage and Purchase of Make-up
Demographics by skin complaint
Figure 59: Skin complaints amongst women, by demographic sub-group, 2007
Volume Importance Index
Penetration of foundation
Figure 60: Penetration and frequency of foundation usage, GB, 2007
Penetration of blushers and highlighters
Figure 61: Penetration and frequency of blushers and highlighters usage,
 GB, 2007
Penetration of lipstick/lipgloss
Figure 62: Penetration and frequency of lipstick/lipgloss usage, GB, 2007
Penetration of eye make-up
Figure 63: Penetration and frequency of eye make-up usage, GB, 2007
Penetration of nail varnish
Figure 64: Penetration and frequency of nail varnish usage, GB, 2007
Appendix: Men and Make-up
Figure 65: Men's attitudes towards make-up, by age, July 2008
Appendix: Reasons to Wear Make-up
Figure 66: Reasons to wear make-up, by demographic sub-group, February 2008

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