November 17, 2011 06:06 ET

High Performance Industrial Cement Solutions by CERATECH, Inc.

New Documentation Identifies Durable Concrete Solutions for Severe Industrial Environments; CERATECH Cement Offers Better Performance and Reduced Maintenance Compared to Typical Portland Cements

ALEXANDRIA, VA--(Marketwire - Nov 17, 2011) - CERATECH, Inc., the leading manufacturer of high-performance cements for durable concrete in extreme conditions, has released "High Performance Industrial Cement Solutions" in print and digitally. Available at, the e-brochure features CERATECH's full line of cements, which are blended specifically for severe industrial and chemical processing environments. All product lines resist both extreme temperatures and corrosive materials far better than conventional portland cement. According to Leo Kahl, Vice President of Marketing, "The most gratifying development has been the repeat business with our KEMROK™, FIREROK™, and ekkomaxx™ brands. That kind of repeat use is testimony to product quality and performance advantages over traditional portland cement."

All CERATECH products outperform conventional portland cement in extreme environments. KEMROK™ cement is formulated specifically to resist harsh acids and corrosive chemicals, as well as high temperatures. Mike Byrne, a petrochemical industry consultant and product representative, stated, "The alternative cements commonly used are portland cements with microsilica added to slow chemical penetration. But eventually things like sulfuric acid reach the portland cement and deterioration starts." FIREROK™ is optimized to resist even higher temperatures such as those present in metals processing and other industrial processes. CERATECH's ekkomaxx200™ cement resists moderate exposure to corrosives and elevated temperatures at a lower cost.

An added benefit, and critical to many users, is the product's superior sustainability attributes. Because all CERATECH cements are made with 95% recycled and 5% renewable materials in a virtually carbon-free process, they also rate far higher on important sustainability scales than conventional portland cement. According to Mark Wasilko, CERATECH's Executive Vice President, "There is tremendous value when extending concrete lifecycles with CERATECH's cement solutions. We are able to offer a higher-durability and more cost-effective industrial strength product with distinct environmental advantages."

About CERATECH, Inc.:
Founded in 2001 with executive offices in Alexandria, Virginia, and research and development based in Baltimore, Maryland, CERATECH, Inc. has pioneered and commercialized advanced high performing cements using proprietary new chemistry. CERATECH's cement system produces a range of superior concretes fitting every application. More information about CERATECH and their products can be found at,, and

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