SOURCE: Third Wave Systems

June 05, 2009 09:27 ET

High Performance Machining Goes Green

Third Wave Systems Involved in Business-Smart Energy Consumption Reduction

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - June 5, 2009) - Recent tests conducted by Third Wave Systems, Inc. indicate that high performance machining (HPM) methodology utilized by the company leads to more energy efficient, environmentally friendly machining practices. The study, completed in 2008, was part of several Third Wave Systems government-funded projects.

High performance machining is centered on improving part quality and machining productivity. Recognizing the importance of optimized machining, Third Wave Systems' machining modeling software suite, AdvantEdge, incorporates HPM physics to promote faster, more affordable, and more efficient machining. Third Wave Systems examined the effects of HPM on energy consumption and material waste, machining titanium alloys with conventional machine tools and practices, and then comparing the results with energy consumption industry standards.

Utilizing the AdvantEdge software, Third Wave Systems ran four machining processes at HPM levels. The results speak for themselves: energy consumption for a set material removal rate (MRR) was reduced by 75% using high performance machining parameters, and coolant waste streams were reduced by 80% due to HPM's inherently-faster material removal rate.

"You can recognize a truly good solution when it's good for both business and the environment," remarked Dr. Troy Marusich, Third Wave Systems' Chief Technical Officer. "Reducing energy consumption makes good business sense. The AdvantEdge software guides users into high performance machining practices -- a win-win decision for businesses."

The results of Third Wave Systems' research come at a critical time for the United States machining industry: companies must remain globally competitive, yet a struggling economy means fewer resources are available. Both the AdvantEdge software and HPM methodology within the software can be used by any company that machines, including the aerospace and automotive industries that have been hit especially hard by the economic recession.

About Third Wave Systems, Inc.: Third Wave Systems provides machining modeling software and services used by Fortune 500 aerospace, automotive, cutting tool, and micro-manufacturing companies to analyze and optimize traditional and high speed machining processes. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Third Wave Systems also has offices in Detroit, Michigan; East Hartford, Connecticut; the United Kingdom; and Germany. International distributors, along with technical support, are located in Europe and Asia.