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Schneider Trading Associates

November 28, 2011 07:00 ET

Higher Number of Graduates Are Trading Their Way Out of University Debt, According to STA

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 28, 2011) - The depressed job market and rising costs of further education is leading more and more graduates to think carefully about their careers and the money they will earn, says trading and brokerage house, Schneider Trading Associates (STA), which has seen a rise in graduates applying for its sponsored graduate training scheme over the past two years.

Graduate training programmes traditionally pay low wages whilst the candidate learns the particular trade, often moving up the ranks after two or three years. This approach often leaves the new graduate with little spare cash, if any, and parents are forced to continue supporting their adult child. This coupled with the average debt from a university undergraduate degree now hitting £25,000, it is no wonder that those leaving the education system are looking for new ways to fast track to a high paid professional career.

Schneider's Professional Trader Programme (PTP) is an attractive proposition for such graduates with an interest in finance and a fast paced, exciting day-to-day career, and as such applications for the course, which is free of charge, have been steadily rising. Not all candidates who get accepted on to the initial four week course pass the assessments, but those that do and continue through to the three year training and mentoring scheme are generally making money on a self-employed basis within six to nine months. At this stage, the sky is the limit for those who have an aptitude for trading and some graduate traders are finding they are able to start reducing their university debt as well as living to the standard in London that they aspired to.

Matt Silvester, head of training at STA, said: "It would be wrong of me to say that all graduates are suited to this career and often in the first week of training traders, I can spot those candidates who do not have the necessary skills and attitude. However, applications continue to rise for our Professional Trader Programme and we would encourage anyone who is interested in this unique way into a City career to get in touch, because we're always looking for the cream of the crop.

"Our graduates come from a huge range of courses too, so don't be put off it you haven't studied economics! We also accept people of all ages who may be just looking for a change of career. Nevertheless, it isn't a get rich quick scheme and for some it takes longer to grasp and therefore more time before they start making money, but we're always interested in hearing from people who are serious about wanting to trade."

For more information and to apply for the PTP, please visit and join the conversation by following @schneidertrader and

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