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September 01, 2016 14:46 ET

Highway Patrol Expected to Blanket State With Checkpoints During Upcoming Labor Day Weekend

The Oswalt Law Group Reminds Drivers in Arizona of Rights Concerning Sobriety Checkpoints

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - September 01, 2016) - With the extended Labor Day weekend quickly approaching, the Arizona Highway Patrol is expected to continue their tradition of blanketing the state with sobriety checkpoints. Last year, hundreds of drivers were charged with driving under the influence (DUI) during the holiday weekend.

The Oswalt Law Group is reminding drivers in the Grand Canyon state of their rights and tips for best practices when approaching a sobriety checkpoint.

  • Fifth Amendment rights remain intact at sobriety checkpoints.
    A common tactic used by law enforcement officers is to engage the driver and any passengers in conversation to observe their behavior and ability to speak clearly. All occupants of the vehicle have the option to refrain from any conversation with the officer. A wise answer to any question posed by the officer is, "I do not wish to answer that question."
  • Searches of a vehicle are not legal without consent of the driver.
    Unless the driver has given the officer verbal authority or probable cause to search the vehicle, officers are prohibited from doing so.
  • To avoid raising the officer's suspicion, drivers should make sure their license, registration and insurance cards are current, and can be easily found.
    Because a driver's act of fumbling around can raise the suspicion of an officer looking for erratic behavior, it's wise to keep registration and insurance information in a separate envelope in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

"Last year, nearly 300 drivers were charged with DUI in Arizona," said one Oswalt Law Group attorney. "Because such charges can result in jail time, suspension of driver's license and heavy fines, it's critical that any driver who's been charged has a legal representative who will fight to ensure their rights are protected."

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