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April 06, 2017 09:00 ET

higi Chooses Snowflake to Improve Customer Experience and Boost Advertiser ROI

Biometrics and advertising transform a self-service health experience into a data-driven revenue opportunity

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 6, 2017) - Snowflake Computing, the data warehouse built for the cloud, today announced that higi, the health IT company that operates the largest ecosystem of health screening stations in North America, chose Snowflake to provide customized, preventive health screening to users, enhance the customer's user experience and help healthcare partners better target and engage with their users, members and patients.

More than 36 million people have used higi stations to conduct 200 million biometric screenings, which generate data on blood pressure, pulse, weight, and body mass index. higi also helps users and partners collect ambient user data from more than 80 different wearables, health monitoring devices and apps. This data aids in personal health management and sharing for users as well as helps healthcare providers better manage patients' health. By integrating and combining with loyalty program data, pharmacy system data and electronic health records, healthcare providers and payers, with explicit user consent and opt-in, get access to even more data insights and gain the ability to better stratify patient populations and manage community health.

From the success of higi's ecosystem of health IT solutions emerged the challenge of how to manage terabytes of data and derive insight from that data. higi realized its exponential growth required a truly elastic, powerful, and affordable data warehouse built from the ground up that could easily scale, up, down and out (concurrency) without limits.

To accomplish this, higi turned to Snowflake with the goal of storing and analyzing all of its data in one location. By writing raw JSON event messages to files and regularly importing those files into Snowflake, higi found an extremely flexible solution that leverages Snowflake's support for semi-structured data. Snowflake proved easiest to get up and running, was the most cost effective solution to meet higi's needs and successfully endured rigorous testing. Once in production, higi immediately experienced the benefits of Snowflake's fully relational, multi-cluster, SQL data warehouse architecture. With Snowflake, user event analysis that previously required overnight runs finished in two hours at a fraction of the cost of the previous approach.

"Queries are significantly faster because Snowflake has everything indexed," said Robert Bakos, higi's VP of engineering. "The ability to scale up fast, to analyze millions of records of clicks has proven really useful. And now we can do ad-hoc queries."

With Snowflake, higi can now turn previously hard-to-read, comma-delimited reports into constantly updatable dashboards. With real-time reporting, the company can better gauge the success of its user engagement strategies, provide robust data insights to customers and shape their marketing efforts.

"We've already seen a ton of value in Snowflake," Bakos said. "Seeing the power we have has prompted us to monetize our data. Before, analytics was providing retrospective insights. Now our data science team can deliver data insights in real time to product teams, management team and our customers."

Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia added, "We're delighted Snowflake is part of higi's efforts to keep people healthy. It's gratifying to help higi use its data to generate revenue, flourish, and reach more people."

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About higi:

higi is a technology company that is transforming the way communities take care of themselves. Founded in 2012, the company owns and operates the largest FDA-cleared self-screening health station network in the United States with nearly 11,000 stations located in food, drug and mass market retailers. higi also operates a robust online community platform that is linked to the higi health station network and over 80 health devices, activity trackers and apps. To date, more than 36 million people have used a higi health station to conduct nearly 200 million biometric screenings (blood pressure, pulse, weight, body mass index). Over 4.5 million people have signed up for a higi account which offers an all-in-one biometric and activity data feed for personal health management and information sharing with friends, family and trusted healthcare providers. For general information, visit us at or for how to work with higi, at

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