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October 06, 2009 13:40 ET

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MONTREAL--(Marketwire - October 6, 2009) - Hilbroy Advisory Inc. (FRANKFURT: 2H0) released a statement as it pertains to defamatory and libelous statements in its regard and that of its President found on some stock market websites.

Hilbroy Advisory is a Canadian based advisory and consulting company specializing in micro cap and small cap companies. Hilbroy Advisory provides assistance to private and public companies as it pertains to the following:

--  Go Public Strategy
--  Debt & Equity Financing
--  Dual Listing
--  Investor Relations

In the past 14 years, Hilbroy Advisory, its President, Jean-Francois Amyot, and/or its Managing Directors have advised and consulted over 50 private and public companies from large corporations to micro cap companies. Often, Hilbroy Advisory management sits on board of directors of Client Corporation and/or plays an interim management role to assure a proper transition from private to public. The duration of our involvement on a board of directors or interim management is an average of 3 months.

Also, as part of its service offering, Hilbroy Advisory assists in the incorporation US and Canadian based corporation on behalf of clients and its management is often listed as the incorporator and initial management. This should not be confused with operational management.

A clear distinction should be made; Hilbroy Advisory is a service provider to mostly small companies and is not responsible for the business development or the management of its clients, nor can Hilbroy Advisory control their clients' stock market performance. Hilbroy Advisory does not choose or recommend the stock transfer to its clients, nor is Hilbroy Stock Transfer an operating company. Hilbroy Advisory had the intention of operating and/or acquiring a stock transfer company in the past but found that such could be perceived to be a conflict of interest and management has ceased any development towards this end.

Recently, several clients of Hilbroy Advisory, including but not limited to Level Vision Electronics and Lotta Coal have been suspended from trading by the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is the belief of management of Hilbroy Advisory that these companies share a common element, whereby the initial shell companies were purchased from the same individuals located in Toronto, Canada. These individuals are not and have never been related to Hilbroy Advisory. The shell companies also had the same transfer agency, that of Select American Transfer, which was closed by the Ontario Securities Commission in 2007. These individuals and the transfer agency are being pursued by the OSC as well as the SEC for having sold erroneous shells and illegally issuing shares. Hilbroy Advisory and its clients appear to have been victimized by these individuals and transfer agency. Additional information on this case, please visit the Ontario Securities Commission website at or

Hilbroy Advisory and its clients have spent a considerable amount of time and money in an attempt to alleviate any potential downfall to the company and its shareholders in the event the trading in the securities in question did not commence on October 7, 2009. Hilbroy Advisory and its clients also reserve their rights to pursue the matter in court and seek damages against these individuals.

Hilbroy Advisory's market is and will continue to be small publicly traded companies and according to statistics, many will fail to execute on their business plan due to lack of funding, mismanagement and/or any other reasons. In the future, some of Hilbroy Advisory's client may also be halted, and/or suspended by the Securities and Exchange Commission and/or any other regulatory authorities without any prior knowledge and/or implication by Hilbroy Advisory. Hilbroy Advisory continues to employ various procedures and tactics to prevent the provision of services to questionable companies and/or management but cannot guarantee the efficiency of said due-diligences and/or verifications.

In addition, Hilbroy Advisory was recently mentioned in a press release by Eworld companies Inc as its corporate finance advisors. Hilbroy Advisory is not and has never been a corporate finance advisor and has never performed and/or been retained as a service provider to Eworld companies Inc. However, Hilbroy Advisory is the corporate finance advisor to Level Vision Electronics and as such Hilbroy Advisory confirms that no discussion has ever taken place between Eworld and Level Vision Electronics and therefore no formal purchase offer has ever been issued by Level Vision Electronics for the outstanding shares of Eworld.

Hilbroy Advisory will not permit anyone to disseminate wrongful and misleading information to the public in an attempt to ruin its reputation and Hilbroy Advisory and its management will pursue the matter with all means available.

About Hilbroy Advisory Inc.

Hilbroy Advisory Inc. is a Canadian based advisory and consultancy services company founded in September 2000. Our Company provides publicly traded and private companies, institutions and individuals with a series of advisory services enabling these companies to fully reach their corporate objectives and potential.

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