September 18, 2007 14:33 ET

Hill PHOENIX Releases 2006 Sustainability Report

CONYERS, GA--(Marketwire - September 18, 2007) - Hill PHOENIX Inc., a Dover Company, has published its first Sustainability Report. The Report demonstrates Hill PHOENIX's commitment to lead the industry with meaningful sustainability initiatives by describing specifically what the company is doing to impact the products they provide to supermarket operators.

According to Ray Hoglund, Hill PHOENIX's president and CEO, "This Report reflects the extent to which Hill PHOENIX is committed to the implementation of sustainable initiatives. As we continue to focus on operational excellence, we do so mindful of the limits set by our planet."

In the Report, Hill PHOENIX outlines the Sustainable Environment Management System (SEMS) they designed as a mechanism for implementing what will be a company-wide program that includes every area and department of the company. Developed and implemented throughout the Refrigeration Systems Division in 2006, the SEMS allows Hill PHOENIX to control, or at least influence, every aspect of the environment in which it operates.

Highlights of SEMS Performance in 2006:

--  Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 23 percent
--  Reduced volatile organic compound emissions by 78 percent
--  Reduced metal consumption by 28 percent
--  55 percent reduction in wasted wood products
--  Increased cardboard recycling by 18 percent
--  43 percent reduction in scrap metal
--  Overall reduction in energy consumption including: 29 percent
    reduction in electricity usage, 50 percent reduction in natural gas usage
    and 26 percentage reduction in propane usage
--  Injuries per hours worked decreased by 50 percent and training hours
    per employee increased 39 percent

The Report also provides an overview of some of the recent product innovations that help Hill PHOENIX customers achieve the sustainability goals they have set for themselves. With these products, Hill PHOENIX shows their commitment to maximizing investments for the customer while minimizing the environmental impact.

Highlights of 2006 Sustainability in action include:

--  Zero Leak Initiative -- provides a compressor system that has the
    lowest leak potential of any in the industry
--  Distributed Refrigeration Systems -- industry leading design variety
    locates systems closer to the load, reducing refrigerant charge by 30
    percent or more
--  Second Nature® -- offers both medium-temperature and low-temperature
    systems, eliminating the circulation of refrigerant throughout the store as
    well as the potential for future refrigerant leaks along with improved
    product quality
--  Coolgenix® -- patented case design using Second Nature technology
    preserves moisture, increases cooling efficiencies and reduces shrinkage
    resulting in higher product sales and lower waste and maintenance costs
--  LED Lighting -- provides better illumination and product presentation,
    gives off less heat, lasts up to six times longer and uses only half of the
    energy of traditional fluorescent lamps
--  Power Systems -- allows store to control everything from one location,
    from power distribution and energy management to lighting controls and
    standby power systems
--  Superheat Management System -- scheduled for market introduction in
    2007, this patented system automatically sets, adjusts and maintains the
    superheat in display cases, leading to less energy use and less product
--  HCFC-Free Foam -- totally removed chlorofluorocarbons from walk-in

Hill PHOENIX Inc., a Dover Company, is a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial refrigerated display merchandisers, refrigeration systems, integrated power distribution systems, and walk-in coolers/freezers. The company is based in Conyers, Ga.

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