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November 01, 2011 09:00 ET

Hinsdale Chiropractors Feature Digital Motion X-Ray

HINSDALE, IL--(Marketwire - Nov 1, 2011) - Fisher Chiropractic and Integrative Health is one of a few select practices in Illinois utilizing advanced Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) technology as part of its diagnostic treatment arsenal. DMX is a new type of x-ray system with digital and optic technology that allows the clinic's partners, Dr. Paul Fisher and Dr. Shawna Zuccarini, to view the spine and other joints in real-time motion at speeds of thirty x-rays per second. X-rays are taken with the patient standing in a weight-bearing position and actively moving in a way that reproduces their pain. Because most pain occurs when a patient is moving, this is the only technology that allows a chiropractor to see what is happening inside the patient's body at the exact moment of pain.

The main difference between DMX and other technologies is the motion advantage. Traditional x-rays can confirm fractures, dislocations and certain metabolic diseases. MRIs are capable of showing discs, but there are no discs in the upper 30% of the neck or in the back of the neck, which is where many types of pain originate. DMX allows the chiropractor to see if joints are moving properly and if ligaments are damaged. This is helpful in personal injury or auto accident cases for patients who have been told "nothing is wrong," but are still experiencing pain which is not improving. DMX helps identify the root causes of pain, so a treatment plan can be put into action.

Use of the latest diagnosis technology is part of the Hinsdale chiropractic clinic's "whole body" approach to health and well-being. After a proper diagnosis, the practice can then combine manipulation and realignment with physical therapy and massage therapy to help patients recover from the discomfort and pain associated with stress, personal injury, or a work-related accident.

Dr. Fisher is certified in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology, Cox Flexion Distraction and Biomedical Acupuncture. He focuses on the treatment of whiplash, neck and back disc herniation (bulge/slipped disc), headache, chronic pain (fibromyalgia), and ADHD/autism spectrum disorders. Commenting on the DMX advantages he said, "This is the best imaging tool to see if a patient's neck is moving properly and if any ligaments are damaged. Once we identify if a patient's neck or other joints are moving properly, we can design an individualized pain-reduction program."

Dr. Zuccarini focuses on treating shoulder, neck, back, joint, and muscle pain, rotator cuff injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and golf and tennis injuries. When asked who could benefit from Digital Motion X-Rays, she said, "If somebody has been in pain for a week or a year and hasn't been able to determine a cause, then DMX may well hold the missing key to showing what is wrong and point the way to recovery."

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