Hire Canadian Military

Hire Canadian Military

March 24, 2009 08:07 ET

HireCanadianMilitary.com Reaches Milestone After Only One Year in Operation

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 24, 2009) - Bruce Beswick, founding partner of the job search website, HireCanadianMilitary.com, is proud to announce that they have reached the milestone of maintaining a job data base that exceeds 250 advertised positions and nearly 200 military friendly companies after only one year of operation.

According to Beswick, "Companies listed on our website are realizing that former service members can meet their needs in so many ways, at the same time allowing Canadian military veterans to find employment after their military service."

When asked why the website has taken off so fast, Beswick recounts "We recently had a small company come to our site after almost a year of searching the larger job sites for qualified employees with no success. It then took this company less than thirty minutes after registering on www.hirecanadianmilitary.com to find five employees with military experience, all of whom had the requisite professional and people skills." Beswick credits this success to the focused nature of the site. "We can't offer 25,000 hits a day, but the hits we do provide are high quality and on target."

HireCanadianMilitary.com was founded in March 2008. Beswick and three other military buddies wanted to provide a means to easily connect prospective employers with job seekers with military service. That's when it dawned on them that a job search website was the perfect solution.

HireCanadianMilitary.com is designed to highlight the qualities of military veterans to prospective employers, while also providing a means to advertise their job openings to military veterans. Beswick and his partners are currently working to expand the number of companies listing their jobs on the site. "military veterans are not just finding good employment in the aerospace, defence, or security sectors, but also in such sectors as mining, oil, logistics and transportation."

Their next milestone is to have 1,000 prospective employers listed. They have also been working to make the website useful for retiring service members and part-time reservists by adding job search tips, career transition advice, and financial planning information for veterans.

Beswick is a former F-18 fighter pilot who has served in the volatile Middle East as a United Nations Military Observer. The ability to operate in demanding and stressful environments such as these is what distinguishes military veterans. In addition, military veterans of all ranks come with comprehensive training and education from specialized schools at the trade, college and university levels.

When asked what motivates him and his partners, Beswick replies, "We are just a group of guys who started this company because we care about military veterans. We are delighted to see the website taking off. With industry finding excellent employees and veterans finding quality employment, it is truly a win-win situation for all."

About the company - HireCanadianMilitary.com is a Canadian website devoted to helping military veterans find quality civilian employment by matching them with prospective employers who are seeking highly skilled job candidates with outstanding people skills.

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