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November 19, 2014 10:00 ET

Hireology Transforms Hiring Process With Enhanced Phone Screen Guide

Updated Solution Gives Hiring Managers the Crucial Insight to Better Understand Candidates During First Interaction

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2014) - Hireology, the leading provider of employee hiring and selection management technology for multi-location organizations, announced today the launch of its newly updated phone screen solution, designed to help employers make well-informed, data-based decisions about which candidates to interview in person.

The phone screen is a crucial stage of the interview process; often the first interaction a hiring manager has with a candidate, it provides the opportunity to learn more about a candidate and determine if they meet the basic requirements to be successful in the position. However, this process is often left to the whims of the interviewer, who may be unsure what to ask or ask different questions to different candidates. Another challenge is that interviewers lack a consistent process for evaluating those phone screens, thereby advancing candidates who may not be the right fit.

Recognizing these challenges, Hireology sought to bring much needed consistency to the phone screen process. Through its enhanced phone screen guides, the company provides a script and guided questions to ensure hiring managers ask the right questions to make smarter hiring decisions. At the same time, with automated scoring and immediate results, organizations can leverage predictive analytics to ensure they advance only the candidates who show the potential to be successful. As a result, it is easier than ever for employers to understand the unique qualities of their candidates and determine who should be brought in for an in-person interview.

Hireology's updated phone screen guide includes a robust, user-friendly interface and innovative results display, ensuring hiring managers have the information they need to make well-informed hiring decisions. Other key features of Hireology's updated phone screen guide include:

  • Easy customization: Although the solution provides everything needed to conduct an effective phone screen, users can change the script, drag and drop questions, move sections around and delete questions with ease.
  • Greater insight into candidates: Hireology's phone screen guide enables users to see which parts of the job are most important, and they receive a visual representation of what competencies candidates were found to be strong, average or weak. This ensures they get the most value out of the interview and can choose their candidates wisely.
  • Interview snapshot: At the moment the interview begins, Hireology automatically takes a snapshot of the phone screen guide. Any changes made to the template will apply to all future users of the template, but existing notes will stay intact.

"A phone interview is the first opportunity employers have to look beyond the candidate's resume and learn about their unique skills and competencies; but to be most effective, consistency is key," said Adam Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Hireology. "We developed our innovative phone screen guide to ensure hiring managers aren't improvising their way through this crucial process, but instead leveraging insightful questions that provide a high level of insight. The result is a streamlined, data-based process to help companies find their next great hires."

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