SOURCE: MD Biosciences, Inc.

July 18, 2007 10:12 ET

Histology Results Show Significant Arthritogenic Activity of ArthritoMab™ Antibody Cocktail in an 18-Day Model of Rheumatoid Arthritis

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwire - July 18, 2007) - MD Biosciences releases histology results from an 18-day model of arthritis induced using the ArthritoMab™ cocktail of arthritogenic antibodies in Balb/c mice. Results show significant histological changes in the joint of the arthritis group as compared to the normal control group after just 18 days, providing researchers valuable data quickly compared to the traditional collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) model, which can take several weeks or more to produce similar histological results.

Data shows the effectiveness of the arthritogenic antibodies, with mean histology scores and staining sections indicating the degree of erosion, hyperplasia and infiltration in the joint of the arthritis group as compared to the control group. Having this data available in only 18 days provides valuable results to investigators quickly, allowing them to make the next planning steps easier and faster. In addition, synchronicity of disease onset allows the coordinated testing as well as direct comparison between test groups within the same study. Incidence rates approach 100% reducing group sizes as well as allowing for more significant read-outs from individual studies.

The ArthritoMab™ Arthritogenic Antibody Cocktail is comprised of 4 monoclonal antibodies to collagen type II (CII) that have been chosen for their epitope specificity. The antibodies were selected to bind to the epitopes C1, J1, U1 and D3 -- which are spread over the entire CII region (fragments CB8, CB10 and CB11) encouraging better immune complex formation on the cartilage surface for the initiation of arthritis. The antibody-induced arthritis model using the ArthritoMab™ Antibody cocktail is a rapid alternative the CIA model.

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