SOURCE: Rising Tides Entertainment, Inc.

August 27, 2012 17:43 ET

Historical Accuracy, Military Realism, Playability, and Compelling Aesthetics Combining Miniatures With Board Wargaming

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - Aug 27, 2012) - Rising Tides Entertainment, Inc. announces that Saturday, September 1 is the final opportunity to obtain Tides of War: Gettysburg on Kickstarter.



  • Endorsed by Maj. Gen. Alan Salisbury and designed by a team of combat veterans, historians, artists, wargamers, and technical experts.
  • 2,500 scenarios
  • Collector's Edition comes with pewter miniatures on a metal-and-wood gameboard.
  • Phone/Computer App (patent pending)
  • 172 Miniatures (126 Rotating on Counters - patent pending)
  • Oversized 32" x 34" Detailed Battle Map/Game Board
  • Linear Obstacles (Railroad Cut and Sunken Road)
  • Field Fortifications
  • Historical & Combat Experience Explanations behind the Rules
  • Command, Reinforcement, Morale Cards, Supply & Interdiction Cards


  • Reinforcement (prior to combat), Retreat & Rout
  • Continuous Attack (Continues until engaged units retreat, surrender, or are eliminated.)
  • Merge (Depleted units may merge into one unit.)
  • Artillery Combat (From counter battery fire to canister)
  • Line-of-Sight
  • Prisoners
  • Edge of the World (Units pushed off the board may return after significant delays.)
  • Reverse Slope