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August 14, 2009 06:00 ET

Hit iPhone Games Launch Social Challenges Through Push Notifications in OpenFeint

Additional Benefits of OpenFeint 2.1 Include In-Application Friending, New UI Including Customization Options, Offline Support for Highscores and Achievements

BURLINGAME, CA--(Marketwire - August 14, 2009) - Aurora Feint Inc., the company that launched a series of award winning social RPG puzzle games for the iPhone, announced that its Beta program for OS 3.0 Push Notifications incorporated into games as "Social Challenges" concluded today, and OpenFeint 2.1 is now publicly available on to all game developers.

The first titles that have been submitted to the App Store with OpenFeint 2.1 include the all time hit Pocket God by Bolt Creative, Sentinel 2 by Origin8, and Stick Wars.

Quote from Dave Castlenuevo

"A single-player game inevitably has a limited amount of engagement -- developers can only add so much content to a game. But by drawing from existing social networks and encouraging social competition between gamers, the players themselves create new tasks for one another and new obstacles to overcome. This user-generated content expands the value of any game far beyond what was initially put into it, and continues to expand as the popularity of the game increases even further."

Key Benefits to Developers

1.  Re-Engagement: OpenFeint's unique Push Notification offering allows
    developers to add Social Challenges to reengage users. Until now,
    developers had no way of pulling players back into a game. Push
    Notifications wrapped in a Social Platform are an ideal way to bring
    your users back into your game.

2.  Offline Experience: Allows users to enjoy social aspects Highscores
    and Achievements without a connection, uploading them whenever their
    device connects next creating an asynchronous social experience.

3.  Social Acquisition of Users: OpenFeint's new UI improvements provide
    users more ways to discover new content.  Receiving a Social Challenge
    to a game a user does not own gives them an easy way to purchase and
    discover that new content.

As always, all indie developers using OpenFeint 2.1 will have the ability to integrate these new features in a short time and never do any server work.

Jason and Danielle, Aurora Feint: "Our mission is simple: we always want to be at the forefront of new capabilities that can benefit our developer and user community. With OpenFeint 2.1 we are proud to lead the way into social challenge based gameplay on the iPhone."

Product Update: OpenFeint™ 2.1 Social Challenges and How They Work

Push Notifications with OpenFeint allow developers to create game modes that have Social Challenges. These social challenges are akin to "ping pong" matches where a player creates a challenge and sends it to a friend from her OpenFeint friends list who then receives that challenge, competes against it, and sends back a new result and challenge. This back and forth keeps users heavily engaged with a game beyond its usual shelf-life.

OpenFeint handles all of the server and client plumbing required to make this work including storage of game play data, delivery and receipt of push notifications, and beautiful client UIs for sending and receiving challenges. Game developers simply wrap an interesting mode of play with the Social Challenge feature and are good to go.

More details are available at and OpenFeint 2.1 is available for download now for free.

Note: Aurora Feint™ is a trademark of Aurora Feint Inc., and iPhone™ and AppStore™ are trademarks of Apple Computer.

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