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April 12, 2016 20:14 ET

Hitachi Data Systems: Compliance as a Competitive Advantage

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - April 12, 2016) - Object storage is key part of the digital transformation taking place among our customers as they use it to deliver insight and enable themselves to compete more effectively, and help workers around the world collaborate more easily. While these technologies are transformative, they can also make some of the most basic data requirements difficult to achieve. Knowing where your data is, and that it is easily searchable and accessible, and is under the proper governance, are some of those basic requirements. The consequences for failing to meet these expectations can be significant; they can cost employees their jobs and businesses substantial amounts of money.

Just as having the Get Out of Jail Free card is a competitive advantage in Monopoly, having a sound object storage system for your data can be a competitive advantage for your business. While object storage has its newer use cases like big data, cloud, analytics, and other new capabilities like file sync-and-share, many commercial object stores have roots in archiving and compliance that serve them well in today's litigious and increasingly regulated business environment. Emerging from all of this is a focus on an older term, increasingly as impactful to the bottom line as any of the technologies listed above, and that's compliance -- yes, you read that right.

A recent Bloomberg article noted that in the face of highly regulated industries, more complex IT environments, best-in-class compliance practices and workers (at Goldman Sachs) are being seen as a competitive advantage

How did compliance become such an important part of this organization's strategy? And what have been some of the biggest disruptions that are impacting the way organizations think about compliance?

I was recently interviewed by David Littman with Truth in IT and we discussed how object storage may provide the solution for helping compliance teams navigate through an ever-changing regulatory landscape and provide the "get out of jail free card" they desperately need.

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