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September 08, 2010 14:51 ET

Hitor Group Outlines Sales Potential of Select Market Segments

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 8, 2010) - Hitor Group, Inc. (OTCBB:HITR) is pleased to announce interest in the Nano-Jet Fuel Enhancement Module on the part of three Class 1 North American Railroads for use on both their locomotive and truck fleets. Nano-Jet Corporation is the sole owner and producer of the worldwide patent applied for Nano-Jet line of fuel performance enhancing devices, the most highly refined and effective technology of its kind available in the market today. In addition Hitor Group is looking into a JV, Merger or similar with a European company to enhance the installations ability to save drastically on maintenance. Hitor Group would then test the entire product line guaranteeing results.

As mentioned previously, "If all three of these railroads were to purchase Nano-Jet modules for their entire fleets of diesel locomotives and trucks, it could represent a total potential sales amount well in excess of $80,000,000," stated Marc Smith, CEO of Fuel Force of Allegan, Michigan, the Nano-Jet distributor involved.

Hitor is also in conversation with a company in Egypt with a fleet of diesel buses. Recent tests in Egypt on those buses show 6.9% savings on fuel and 30% in emissions reduction on the Nano-Jet, copies of report are available.

"We are very pleased with the attention and interest shown in the electric vehicles; we are also very determined to add quality distributors to the Hitor Group to complete the build-out of our distribution network, the US tests on the electric vehicles are in its second year so far no problems."

"Hitor Group has distributors for the electric scooter line and has selected models for the US market," Mr. Martin said. "If anyone remembers the scooter craze of the 1960's in Europe we could be starting it all over again, these scooters (similar in style to Vespa and Lambretta) come with all the options and can easily be customized, they are inexpensive to buy, plus no fuel, no license and in some cases no insurance, the younger generation loves them."

About Hitor Group, Inc.:

Nano-Jet Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitor Group, Inc. (OTCBB:HITR), is the sole owner and producer of the patented Nano-Jet line of magnetic fuel performance enhancing Modules. Nano-Jet offers the most highly refined and effective fuel performance enhancement technology available in the market today. Nano-Jet's proprietary design magnetically breaks down the molecular clusters which naturally exist in the fuel into single molecules and polarizes those molecules to enable a more complete combustion of the fuel/air mix. Extensive testing of the line of Nano-Jet models on a variety of gasoline and diesel engines has conclusively proven that fuel treated by these fuel performance optimizing devices produces measurably more power, increases fuel economy by an average of 7-12% and reduces toxic exhaust emissions up to 30%.

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