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HiveLive, Inc.

August 04, 2009 13:00 ET

HiveLive Launches New Concept Testing Application for Online Research Communities

Rounds Out Complete Set of Community Applications for Consumer Insights

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - August 4, 2009) - HiveLive®, Inc., a leading social software provider, today announced the launch of a new community applications for online concept testing. It rounds out HiveLive's set of full-cycle online qualitative research tools, from insights gathering to idea generation to concept testing.

"With the new concept testing application, HiveLive's community platform offers the most complete set of online research applications," says HiveLive CEO John Kembel. "Our tools now span the cycle of consumer insights and innovation, helping companies collaborate with customers to gather insights, generate ideas and test concepts."

Market researchers, brand managers, product owners, and marketers can benefit from the application by engaging customers to evaluate new product ideas, product features, package designs, ad spots, and marketing messages all within a community context. On-demand feedback through an ongoing community allows companies to refine concepts in a rapid-fire iterative cycle -- before they go to market.

HiveLive designed the concept testing application to take advantage of both social connections and formal research activities, fueling the ongoing relationships and conversations that cause deep insights and valuable feedback to surface. The application fills a need for a specialized online market research tool that goes beyond panels and bulletin boards, enabling concept testing in an online community setting. Instead of running expensive point-in-time focus groups, companies can keep knowledgeable customers on hand for feedback at any time. The result is a concept testing process that is faster, easier, and less expensive to conduct.

"Using an online community to involve customers in research, development, and marketing processes leads to faster, better business decisions," says Kembel. "At the same time, you're building immense loyalty by inviting your customers to connect with each other and pitch in."

At the heart of the new application lies the ability for community administrators to define structured responses to their questions -- well beyond simple comments. The ability to support structured responses is a first for online communities, and it gives community administrators significant flexibility and control. After posting a concept, whether it's an image of a product or package design, a video, or text, the administrator can define a set of questions associated with it. With each question, the administrator has the option of designating an open-ended response or a closed (multiple choice) response. So when members respond, their answers fit into a precise, analyzable construct. Administrators can also choose to limit "group-think" by preventing respondents from viewing the answers of their peers. Responses can be open or closed to further discussion. The data gathered in the application can be sorted and filtered based on answer, key words, or demographics, producing actionable insights.

The concept testing application is the latest addition to the HiveLive LiveConnect® platform. LiveConnect is the only online community platform to combine a people-focused social networking environment with market research tools. Providing specialized applications for engaging and collaborating with customers, the platform has helped well-known brands capture valuable insights, drive product innovation, and build loyalty. Now, with the release of the new concept testing functionality, HiveLive customers have the ability to guide ideas smoothly through their full lifecycle, from insight gathering to idea generation to testing.

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