SOURCE: IDS Worldwide, Inc.

May 22, 2006 15:12 ET

HLS Worldwide, Inc. Board of Directors Authorize Using Profits From Initial 500,000 Unit Sales of HLS Flash Drive for Stock Purchase

HLS Worldwide, Inc. Informs IDS Board of Intent to Acquire Large Block of IDS Worldwide, Inc. Common Stock IDWD in Open Market

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 22, 2006 -- IDS Worldwide, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: IDWD) today held an overseas telephonic board meeting between IDS Worldwide, Inc. and HLS Worldwide, Inc., the company previously reported to be acquiring a substantial portion of IDS Homeland Security Division. HLS Worldwide, Inc. revealed their company plans to allocate funds from the initial profits of the 1st 500,000 units sold of the HLS Biometric 384-Bit Encryption USB Flash Drive to purchase up to 2,000,000 shares up to a limit of $2.00 as market conditions permit. HLS executives also stated that it reserved the right to exceed this amount, both in regards to amount of shares and share price if market conditions and growth in sales of the HLS Flash Drive continued its rapid acceptance in the market. HLS Worldwide, Inc. executives also stated during the call they would inform IDS Board of Directors before it surpassed these current guidelines.

Furthermore, IDS Worldwide, Inc. reports that it demonstrated the Biometric Encryption Flash Drives to executives connected with NASCAR racing teams at the USA Headquarters on May 17, 2006. Also in attendance were financial executive money managers who represent PGA, NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball Players. IDS Worldwide, Inc. is happy to report that in follow up visits and by telephone today that every party connected with NASCAR and Professional Athletes that the HLS Biometric USB Flash drive was demonstrated to, stated they would buy the product immediately. HLS Biometric Encryption Flash Drives will protect NASCAR teams laptop data at race venues, the garages and team headquarters. HLS Biometric Drive will allow Professional Athletes the security to access vital financial information and/or conduct wireless encrypted online banking and brokerage transactions anywhere in the world. The initial production of the HLS USB Flash Drives are sold out and HLS Worldwide, Inc. expects additional quantities to hit the US market in the next 10 days. HLS Worldwide, Inc. executives informed IDS today that they have made acquisitions and added additional factory capacity to be able to achieve 1 Million Unit per month production by the end of this quarter (July 30, 2006).

IDS CEO Patrick Downs, stated, "IDS and HLS Worldwide, Inc. are very pleased that the IT security experts and their end user clients have validated this break through technology for the highest level of IT security combing biometrics, proprietary software and the highest level of encryption available. Every Market Segment, doctors, lawyers, government agencies, and private industry have unanimously stated they would buy the product immediately." The initial HLS Biometric 384-Bit Encryption USB Flash Drive is expected to retail around $179.00.

In conjunction with IDS Worldwide, Inc. previously reported joint venture with STS, at this hour, former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Defense and some former members of Congress are meeting in Texas with Richard Weitzel, CEO of STS, to view a live demonstration of HLS proprietary Bio-Track Biometric Identification Card and HLS Biometric Encryption USB Flash Drive.

IDS was just informed in the past hour that all brokerage houses in the United States have received official notification of the Special Dividend pertaining to the Homeland Security Division of IDS sale and payment date of June 15, 2006 by the DTC. IDS has previously reported that the company will remain a large shareholder in the acquiring company HLS Worldwide, Inc. following the special dividend distribution.

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