National Hockey League Fans'

National Hockey League Fans'

April 06, 2007 13:36 ET

Hockey Fans Speak Up

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 6, 2007) - Results of the National Hockey League Fans' Association's annual Fan Report poll will be released on Monday, April 9. Approximately half of the NHLFA's nearly 30,000 membership resides in Canada, while the other half are from the United States.

The survey includes 59 questions and covers all aspects of the game. The survey questions can be reviewed at

The following is a sample of the questions asked to fans:

Q22. Should the NHL and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) work together to bring Saturday "Hockey Night in Canada" to all American fans via a national public U.S. broadcaster?

Q26. Do you think the NHL should consider dividing its television broadcasts into two distinct sports entertainment products? For example, one would contain a sanitized, non-violent version for family viewing. No coverage of fights, violent acts or arguments. The other version would be rated "R" and targeted to a fan base that enjoyed the violent side of the sport. The "R" version would provide fight analysis and ice-level audio of players' chatter.

"Over the past nine years, it has been gratifying to see the NHL closely monitor the results of our annual Fan Report poll," said Jim Boone, co founder of the NHLFA. "We feel the League respects our online community and we enjoy having a positive impact on the game of professional hockey."

The full results of the poll will be available via the Web site on Monday.

The NHLFA is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 to give hockey fans across North America and worldwide a way to express their views on NHL hockey and to influence the game for the better. Membership in the NHLFA is free and anyone can become a member by registering at

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