Avation plc

July 20, 2009 11:35 ET

Holding in Company

                                                                                                      20th July 2009
                                                     AVATION PLC
                                            ('AVATION' OR THE 'COMPANY')
                                      NOTIFICATION OF SIGNIFICANT SHAREHOLDINGS
The  Board of Avation Plc received notification on 20th July from Bennelong Asset Management LLP that Bennelong Asia
Pacific  Multi  Strategy  Equity Fund Limited, has an economic long exposure through a contract  for  difference  of
3,620,000 shares in the Company and this interest amounts to 14.16% of the issued voting shares of the Company. This
interest has been notified following the changes to the FSA DTR. Bennelong does not currently have a voting interest
in the Company.

                      The directors take responsibility for the contents of this announcement.



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